Spa-Like Master Bath | Minnetonka, MN

Your bathroom is where you typically start and end your day. It only makes sense to ensure that this space is one of the nicest rooms in your home. It is, after all, where you set your mood for the day! Instead of spending money at the spa, why not bring subtle spa elements into your space? Natural materials, free standing tubs, and earthy tones are some of the perfect ways to add that spa-like feel into your space. Wood and stone, even some potted plants, are great design options.


the challenge

Our design inspiration came from the Kohler Design Center in Kohler, WI. Our clients had visited the center earlier this past summer and viewed their beautiful visual showcases that inspired their bathroom remodel design. These clients have the best taste, high-end luxury, yet know how to cut costs to save. They knew exactly what they wanted and weren’t scared about being bold by mixing patterns, colors, and textures. This family was certain they wanted a wood plank wall, free standing tub, earthy tones, and natural textures. They wanted to step into this room and feel like they were on vacation.

Needless to say, being put into a situation to design a master spa-like bathroom, inspired by the Kohler Design Center, was a bit nerve racking going into…


our solution

Luckily, with our process – Dream-Design-Do – we worked with our clients on all finishing selections, along with over-planning to ensure we created their perfect dream space. Due to the specific look and dimensions of the design, we were unable to find vanities, shower curtain rods, and plank walls to fit perfectly. Instead, we were grateful we were able to custom build all of these pieces for their space.

And after three months of renovating, we’re proud to say we think we nailed their spa-like bathroom renovation look and feel.