Living Room Turned Dining Room Remodel | Elk River, MN

We spent the weekend finally getting our dining room put back together again.  Today we wanted to share some of our process and the pieces we picked out for the space  that we’re loving on!

Material Selections:

Dining Room Table 

Dining Chair Chairs


 Under Table Rug

 Over Table Chandelier


the challenge

We’ve been living in a finished but unfurnished dining room for a few months since we finished our kitchen remodel. It’s been a big, empty space, which has felt super cold with the high vaulted ceilings. In order to make it our own, we took our time buying furniture because we didn’t want to spend a ton of money, but wanted pieces we loved.

our solution

To make this space feel warmer and make it our own, we added black shiplap to the music room. We also closed off the doorway to the kitchen in order to make the music room feel more intimate. By closing the vaulted opening to the kitchen, it allowed the dining room to become its own space. Adding a large rug under the dining table makes the space feel cozier and warms up the hardwood flooring. The green velvet sofa paired with the faux cowhide rug adds an eclectic feel to the music room, which is accented with a piano and family photos. Bringing in fun furniture pieces and replacing the flooring make this space truly feel like ours and we love how it turned out!

You can see the full reveal here and read more about the selections on this post.