Style your space

Refresh your home in the course of an afternoon

If you’re not looking for a complete remodel, but wanting to give your home a new look, a home refresh is definitely for you! Our team of designers and stylists will come to your home if you’re local or assist you virtually if you’re out of state, to help rearrange rooms and use decor and furniture you already have to style your space.

Interior Styling 1

In the course of an afternoon, we’ll create a better flow for you and your family, find new ways to use decor and furniture you already own in a way you may not have thought of, and bring in a few new pieces that really freshen up the space.

Interior Styling 2

If you’re virtual, we can even add a floor plan to your package for you to see different layouts for your space. We can use our virtual design package and tailor it to you to create cohesive space throughout your home with the items you have.

interior styling


Interior Styling 3


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