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We engage in the imaginative process with our clients, delving into dreams, designs, and detailed plans for each new project, regardless of its scale. By attentively listening to our client’s needs, our aim is to craft a comprehensive plan that seamlessly aligns with their vision, infusing it with innovative ideas, a diverse palette of colors, and premium materials. Whether the goal is a subtle refresh or a complete transformation of a living space, our passion for home design shines through as we pour our creativity into every aspect of the project, ensuring a bespoke space tailored uniquely to you.

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The attention is in the details

After we create a plan together, we spend time researching, shopping and crafting a list of products and materials perfect for your desired space.

How We Work at c2s

We are deeply committed to keeping up with the most current design trends in order to offer you a selection of top-notch products and appliances that perfectly complement your personal style and home aesthetic. Your active participation is pivotal throughout the entire process, starting from sharing your initial ideas all the way to the finishing touches.

Our extensive design services encompass a diverse array of options, including but not limited to:

  • Detailed cabinetry design, encompassing materials and finishes
  • Selection of countertops and backsplashes
  • Curated range of plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, and toilets
  • Custom millwork, doors, and windows solutions
  • Varied lighting fixtures and electrical devices
  • Wide spectrum of paints, wall coverings, and artisanal finishes
  • Versatile floor finish choices ranging from tile, wood to carpeting
  • Thoughtfully selected furniture, upholstery, and decorative accessories along with art pieces
  • Tailored window coverings like blinds, curtains, and draperies
  • Home decor suggestions, furniture placement plans, and styling tips

Once the design blueprint is established, products and materials are meticulously selected, and you give your final seal of approval on the details, our proficient team will work diligently to transform your vision into reality. Whether you aspire to refresh an existing room layout or craft an entirely new ambiance, count on us to breathe life into your aspirations.

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Why Choose to Work with c2s?

We excel in what we do. With a track record of designing, renovating, and furnishing numerous investment properties, we possess deep insights into what strategies yield success and which ones fall short. We take the time to understand your desires, requirements, long-term plans, sources of inspiration, as well as your style preferences and aversions. By grasping the essence of your home aspirations and necessities, we adeptly steer you through the entire journey, offering candid advice tailored to your financial boundaries and objectives.

Collaborating with a professional design and construction team for your home remodeling and interior design projects not only promises exceptional results but also streamlines the process. You won’t need to juggle multiple teams and coordinate their efforts – we handle it all. From the initial design discussions to the final touches, we oversee every phase of the project execution. Rest assured, we’ll stand by your side until every last detail is perfected.