Andover Master Bathroom Remodel

As you know, we recently sold our Andover Remodeled Home. We bought this outdated home to remodel and make a profit on and of course, blog all about how you can Do-It-Yourself.

We have really only posted about how we completed our Living Room and Kitchen remodels (in case you missed them click on those links and go check them out)! So we thought we better share the behind the scenes demolition of the rest of the house…so here we go…

Upstairs Bathroom Remodel

Here is a picture of what the upstairs bathroom looked like before we touched a thing….pretty ugly and boring huh?

Before the remodel of the upstairs bathroom

To start Jamie had to remove the vanity, toilet, and tub. After he took out the toilet we realized that we didn’t have a working toilet for us while we demo’d so he had to hook it back up. 🙂

Before you take anything off make sure the water is shut off so you don’t flood your room! The toilet has two bolts that need to be taken off and then you can lift it out. Be careful of the leftover water in the trap. The one piece fiber glass shower was too big to take out as it was so if this happens to you, you will need to get the reciprocating saw out to cut it into manageable pieces. For the sink you will need to crawl into the vanity to unbolt the faucet. Its a pain to do so you can also cut the faucet off from the top if you are planning to get a new one. Again, make sure the water is shut off! Last just detach the vanity from the wall (its probably screwed or nailed) and the demo is done.


Upstairs bath during construction

Let the demolition begin!!

We wanted tiles that wouldn’t date too fast and that the new homeowners would be able to enjoy for awhile. We decided on these beige and brown tiles from The Tile Shop. At first Jamie put a niche into the wall for the shower amenities, however once he put it in he decided that he didn’t like it so he took it out.


We wanted to incorporate a design on the floor that went with the design in the shower. Planning is key to any tile project. Do a dry set of the tiles to make sure your layout will work. Once you have the layout you want mix up the mortar. Use a tile mortar that is designed for your type of tile (it will say on the material) and a notched trowel to make an even coat for the tiles to be set into. Jamie almost always use a 1/4″x1/4″ notched trowel. Make sure to allow at least 24 hours to let the tile sit before you start grouting.


After the tile was in the last thing to do was paint and pick out the fixtures and decor. We picked out a basic beige color that went nicely with the tiles.


 We painted all of the trim and doors white in the house, which really added a lot to the house and made rooms pop.





We chose brushed fixtures. It’s really a personal preference but we like the look of brushed fixtures and they are a little easier to keep clean compared to a shiny finish.

When choosing a bath tub make sure it is durable and heavy duty. We learned the hard way by going with a cheaper tub because the acrylic on the tub started to hairline crack. Its not a huge deal and can be redone but its still something that is avoidable.





And then Jamie decided that he didn’t like the design he put onto the floor. I laughed because everyone loved it and he didn’t really say much about how he didn’t like it and one day I came home from work and it looked like the picture below. I didn’t even notice it until he asked me if I noticed anything different in the bathroom and I didn’t.

The reason he changed it was because he didn’t like that it wasn’t centered from the doorway to the tub the right way. There’s that planning thing we talked about…No one else would ever notice that detail but my funny husband…those little things drive Jamie crazy.




I love the vanity and sink we picked out for this bathroom. I knew I wanted a different design of a sink but wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted until we looked at models at various retailers. Once we saw this sink we were sold.



We were both so happy with the final remodel of the bathroom. I hope the new home owners enjoy it as much as we did.


Andover After RemodelAs always, doing-it-yourself is so much more rewarding and you’re pocket book will always appreciate you too! 🙂


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