Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 1

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Welcome to the colors of our home! Within these walls, we’ve embraced the power of hues, understanding how they can transform emotional landscapes, and provide comfort and inspiration.

But let’s be real, choosing the right paint colors is no walk in the park. Trends come and go, safety concerns arise, and the dilemma of harmonizing shades can be overwhelming. The glossy vs. matte finish, maintaining consistency, and tackling the ‘DIY vs. professional’ debate only adds to the complexity.

Ever wondered what paint colors designers pick for their own sanctuaries? 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 2

In today’s blog post, we’re pulling back the curtain to showcase the colors that grace our home. Some rooms were crafted with our own hands, a testament to our DIY spirit, while others were entrusted to the capable hands of professionals. And we have reasons behind both. Let’s first address the misconception that painting is a breeze – it’s an art, a craft that demands the right tools, skills, and time. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 3

Choose Paint Colors for Work for You

At the core of our philosophy is a simple belief: amidst trends, be true to yourself! Your home is your canvas, your retreat, a space meant to kindle your creativity, fuel your passion, and influence your mood positively. Paint colors play a pivotal role in this, setting the tone for your daily experiences.

Choosing paint colors for your home is a deeply personal and creative process, allowing you to craft a space that truly reflects your personality, style, and emotions. It’s more than just selecting shades; it’s about curating an atmosphere that resonates with you on a profound level. Here’s how you can approach this task:

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1. Self-Reflection

Start by considering your personality, passions, and the emotions you want your home to evoke. Are you drawn to calming blues, energizing yellows, or sophisticated neutrals? Reflect on what colors make you feel relaxed, inspired, or joyful. Your home should be a reflection of your essence.

2. Creating Mood Boards

Gather inspiration from various sources like magazines, Pinterest, or even nature. Create mood boards that capture the essence of your ideal home environment. Look for recurring colors and themes. This visual exercise will help you identify patterns and preferences.

3. Consider Natural Light

Evaluate how natural light interacts with different colors throughout the day. Some colors may appear vibrant in sunlight but muted under artificial lighting. Test paint samples on your walls and observe how they change with varying light conditions.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 4

Mindful Gray SW + Snowbound White SW + Tricorn Black SW, Pictured

4. Cohesive Palette

While every room can have its unique personality, maintaining a cohesive color palette throughout your home creates a harmonious flow. Consider how different shades complement each other and transition from one room to another seamlessly.

5. Personalized Touches

Incorporate your hobbies, travels, or cultural background into your color scheme. For instance, if you love the ocean, you might opt for shades of blue and sandy beige. If you enjoy vibrant cultures, consider bold and rich hues inspired by your favorite destinations.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 5

6. Accent Walls and Focal Points

Experiment with accent walls or focal points to introduce bold or contrasting colors without overwhelming the entire space. This technique allows you to add a pop of personality without committing to an entire room in a strong color.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 6

Mindful Gray SW, Pictured

7. Emotional Connection

Choose colors that evoke specific emotions. For example, soft greens and earthy tones can create a calming atmosphere, while vibrant reds and oranges add energy and warmth. Connect colors to the emotions you want to experience in each room. And you can also add this through the decor in your home. I’m big on that every piece in your home should either spark joy, be a family heirloom, and/or have an intentional purpose. Your home should tell a story, and that story should be you and your family. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 7

Mindful Gray SW, Pictured

8. Evolving Spaces

Your home is a living, evolving space. Be open to changing colors over time. As your life experiences and preferences shift, so can your home’s color palette. Don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt your space to reflect your evolving self.

Remember, your home is a canvas for self-expression. The colors you choose should resonate with you on a personal level, making every room a testament to your individuality and creativity.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 8

Our Home Color Selections

We have three core colors that encompass our home when it comes to placing the foundation, which are Snowbound, Mindful Gray, and Tricorn Black. Within the larger areas of our home, we went with Snowbound which is a creamier white. For the cozier living rooms, we went with Mindful Gray, and all of the window trim and interior doors are painted in Tricorn Black. 

Snowbound, SW 7004 

Snowbound, SW 7004 is a warm white from Sherwin Williams. It is a beautiful and versatile paint color, that we use often besides in our home. With its slight gray undertone, it falls into the category of cool whites, which can add a sense of calm and sophistication to any space.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 9

Snowbound White SW + Tricorn Black SW, Pictured

The description paints a vivid picture, likening the experience of being surrounded by this color to stepping into a snowy glade. This imagery suggests a serene atmosphere, evoking feelings of peace and purity. The fact that it pairs well with other gray-influenced colors makes it even more versatile, allowing homeowners and interior designers to create harmonious color schemes that are both elegant and modern. This is why we paired this with Mindful Gray, which you can see in the photo below on the left, moving into the living room. It also pairs nicely with any gray beige, or “greige” as well. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 10

Mindful Gray SW + Snowbound White SW + Tricorn Black SW, Pictured

If you’re considering using this color in your home, it’s great to know that it complements other shades with gray undertones. This means you can experiment with various combinations, creating a cohesive and stylish look throughout your living space. Remember, lighting conditions in the room can affect how paint colors appear, so it’s always a good idea to test a small sample of the paint in the actual space before making a final decision.

Snowbound White SW, pictured

Mindful Gray, SW 7016

Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams creates a warm and inviting ambiance, making every moment spent there truly delightful. To enhance its charm, consider pairing it with a cool white like Pearly White. The contrast between the warm gray and crisp white adds depth and sophistication, making your space feel both inviting and stylish. Embrace the harmony of this perfect pairing and let your living room radiate timeless elegance. While they say “grays” are out of trend, I think this gray is the perfect color blend that brings gray and greige undertones seamlessly. And if you still like grays like me, you can use gays despite the trends. While hints of blue and green add depth to this color, they won’t overwhelm your space. These subtle touches ensure Mindful Gray stays wonderfully balanced perfectly. And as you can see we are all about the colorful touches of blues and greens within our home, so this color is fitting for our lifestyle vibe. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 11

Mindful Gray SW + Tricorn Black SW, Pictured

Tricorn Black, SW 6258

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams stands out as one of the most reliable black shades due to its absence of undertones. With this pure black, you eliminate the possibility of unexpected warm or cool tones appearing on your surfaces, preventing clashes with other colors or materials in your space. It’s a choice that guarantees a sleek and cohesive look, adding sophistication without the worry of color conflicts.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 12

Mindful Gray SW + Tricorn Black SW, Pictured

Elevate your space with the trendy and endlessly chic Marten Black. This hue is anything but ordinary, ensuring your space is always on-trend and never boring. Paired with crisp white, it creates a timeless contrast that exudes sophistication. Being a true black, it effortlessly complements any undertone, making it a versatile choice for any design palette. Embrace the boldness and elegance of Marten Black, transforming your space into a statement of modern style.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 13

Mindful Gray SW + Tricorn Black SW, Pictured

Naval, Blue SW 6244

Indulge in the calming embrace of this Naval deep blue, adorned with its tranquil gray-green undertone. Transform your study or office into a sanctuary of meditative serenity, where productivity meets peace. This sophisticated hue adds depth and a touch of nature-inspired calmness to your space, making it an ideal choice for your workspace. Dive into the soothing ambiance and let the creativity flow in this serene atmosphere. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 14

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 15

Here is another great example of how we paired Snowbound for the walls in our lower level with the whites, blues, and green tile mosaic in our bar area within this same space. As well as the Naval blue in the cabinetry within the bar area and the built-ins. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 16

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 17

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 18  

Forest Green, BM 2047-10

An enchanting dark green, radiating a grounding yet sophisticated presence. With its rich hue, it infuses any space with an air of elegance and natural charm, creating a captivating atmosphere that soothes the senses. Embrace the enchantment and let your surroundings reflect the depth of your style.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 19

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 20

Dried Thyme, Green SW 6186

Hands down my all-time favorite green, Dried Thyme. Introduce a breath of fresh air into your space with this organic, outdoorsy shade that exudes both freshness and sophistication. Ideal for making a bold statement on kitchen cabinets, this hue seamlessly blends the natural world with modern design. The subtle hint of blue adds a cool, calming touch, transforming your kitchen into a serene oasis. Embrace the balance of nature and sophistication, creating a harmonious atmosphere that welcomes both style and tranquility.

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 21

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 22

Custom Mural 

My favorite is our wall custom mural using our c2s brand colors that mimic a race track for our wild and crazy boys. We let our friend and local artist Kara, from Hotmess Homemaker, take the reins and do whatever she wanted and this is what she came up with! I was obsessed with the initial concept. I couldn’t have imagined anything more fitting for our family lifestyle. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 23

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 24

Sara Schultz did our c2s branding and she nailed it out of the park! What I loved most about her inspiration when coming up with our c2s color pallet was that she sourced inspiration from our own home. So it was a no-brainer to incorporate this mural with our c2s colors back into our home, which we knew would flow perfectly. Here’s a glimpse at her mood board and the color palette she chose. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 25

c2s Brand Colors | MN Marketing

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 26

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 9

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 28

Sheen Choices

Lastly, let’s chat about paint sheens. These sheens determine the level of gloss and shine the paint will have once it dries. Here are the common sheen levels:

  1. Flat/Matte:  Challenging to clean and prone to negative reactions with moisture (Ever notice those stubborn drip lines down your bathroom wall caused by shower steam? They can be incredibly tough to remove from flat paint.) The benefit of this paint is if you DIY and you’re not the best painter, it is forgiving. To me personally, this is the only benefit of flat paint. We would never recommend a Flat/Matte finish – well, really on anything. But especially walls. A lot of builder-grade homes have a flat finish and that’s the first thing when we renovate these homes, that goes. Clients get so frustrated with how fast the walls get marked up and it doesn’t come off. 
  2. Eggshell: This finish has a slight shine, similar to the surface of an egg (hence the name). It’s more washable than flat/matte finishes and is commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms. This is the most popular finish and usually what you’ll be finding us using. This is what we use for most main areas – living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and all high-traffic areas. 
  3. Satin: Satin finishes have a soft sheen and are more durable and washable than flat or eggshell finishes. They are often used in high-traffic areas like hallways and children’s bedrooms.
  4. Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss finishes have a noticeable shine and are highly durable and easy to clean. They are often used for trim, doors, and cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms.
  5. Gloss: Gloss finishes have a high shine and are the most reflective of all sheens. They are exceptionally durable and are often used on doors, cabinets, and other surfaces that need to withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  6. High-Gloss: High-gloss finishes have an even shinier surface than gloss finishes, providing a mirror-like appearance. They are incredibly durable and are typically used on furniture or accent pieces.

Each sheen has its advantages and best uses, so the choice of sheen depends on the specific requirements of the surface being painted and the desired aesthetic effect. For us and within our home, on all of our walls, we used Semi-Gloss, and on all cabinets, we applied Semi-gloss. 

Paint Color Guide: Within our Personal Home 29

I hope you all found this helpful! Any painting questions, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to help you out. 


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