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Jamie Molitor 1

Jamie Molitor

Co - Founder, Contractor 

“Jamie is the husband to Morgan and co-founder of construction2style. He is the reason construction2style was born! Jamie went to college for carpentry in Fargo, ND with a goal to…”

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Morgan Molitor 2

Morgan Molitor

Co- Founder, Creative Director

“Morgan is the other half and co-founder of construction2style, alongside her husband Jamie. Wife, mom of 3, content creator, marketing strategist, stylist and designer.  For over 5  years, they've been…”

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Topher Rose 3

Topher Rose

Director, Project Management

“Graduating from the University of Minnesota in the spring of 2016, Topher started full-time with construction2style. However, Topher joined the c2s crew in September of 2016 as a part-time laborer.…”

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Kayla Schulz 4

Kayla Schulz

Director, Design + Operations

“Kayla joined the c2s crew at the end of 2020, starting off as a design assistant and quickly grasping the in's and out's of c2s as a company and helping…”

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Jill Jensen 5

Jill Jensen

Office + Shop Manager

“Jill comes to c2s with 20 years experience in retail management and is now our Shop and Office Manager. She’s the one behind the scenes, sending the invoices, paying the bills,…”

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Noah Bergland 6

Noah Bergland

Social Media Coordinator + SEO Strategist

“Noah is the younger brother of Morgan Molitor, the co-founder of c2s. During his senior year of high school, Noah was voted life of the party and, from that point…”

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Anya Bergland

Anya Bergland

E Commerce Coordinator

“Anya joined the c2s crew in November of 2022 as a part-time E-Commerce Coordinator, taking on c2s's shop account and focusing on creating good content.  Anya's background is in Education,…”

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Abbie Miller

Abbie Miller

Interior Design Assistant

“Abbie is our freshest and youngest member of the team! She joined the team this summer as an intern and we decided that we had to keep her around. Abbie…”

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