Dining Room Paint Fiasco

If you have been following us recently on our social media sites you know about the Dining Room paint Fiasco we have been having. Actually…we have been having a few paint melt-downs. Picking out the perfect color paint is so hard! And if you know me, I don’t have much patience. When I go to pick out my paint, I want to buy it right then and there, get home and finish the room. But if you have the patience you really should buy paint samples and go home and test it out on your walls before buying the gallons and making the mistakes like I did.

As you know, we recently bought our Otsego home to remodel. We have been making a ton of progress and we are so excited to share all the details with you! The Dining Room was painted a dark forest green. Although, we didn’t mind the color that much, we wanted to remodel the entire house to freshen it up.


I knew I wanted a rich, dark blue for the dining room. I brought home some paint strip samples and was sold right away on Home Depot’s dark Navy (Remember if you were smart, here is where you would now go buy a sample of the paint to bring home and test on your walls). But when I saw this dark navy blue on the sample card I was too excited that I had to go buy the paint right away and get started.

The gentlemen helping me even asked me when I went back to buy the paint, you do know this is extremely dark, are you sure you want to go this dark? Of course I wanted dark! I wanted it to be almost black. Well as soon as I got home and started rolling, I knew it wasn’t dark enough….(little did he know).


But then we thought maybe it would dry darker. And being the Pinterest freak that I am, I had seen some bright bold blue rooms that I liked so I was thinking that maybe we could go with that look instead. We decided to finish the room, let it dry, and see what we thought.


Once it was finished, we weren’t sure what we thought. We didn’t hate it but we didn’t love it. I had also seen on Pinterest the wood borders outlined in white, so I thought, let’s give that a try!


Once dry, I still wasn’t sure what I thought! With the help of all of you I got even more confused! Half of our friends and followers loved it, half thought to go darker. After more discussion with Jamie we thought, if we don’t LOVE it, let’s change it.




So I decided I was going to invest in a nicer paint. I went to Hirshfield’s and picked out this Deep Royal by Benjamin Moore. When I got home I compared this paint to the other paint can and I was like, oh no!! They look the exact same color. Then my mother-in-law came over and looked at it and said to test it out first as it looked a little darker to her. Once I did my first roll, I instantly knew it looked more darker and rich, and I loved it!


Ta Da!! We were both so happy with how this color turned out, and I learned an important lesson. I will now be buying paint samples before I paint my rooms. I have already bought paint samples for our next two rooms. And I even thought I was sold on one of the Benjamin Moore colors until I just tested it out in our Living Room and Jamie’s not a fan. So remember to buy those paint samples first and don’t make the mistakes we have been making. We can’t wait to share this room with you again once it is all decorated!




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