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noah, life in prison

Prison Remedies | Noah’s Story

October 4, 2019

Hey guys, Noah here. Over the years I have heard a handful of prison remedies to get over an illness. I am not proud to admit I have acted on…

noah, life in prison

Coping Skills | Noah’s Story

September 27, 2019
Coping Skills | Noah Story | construction2style

Noah, here. Morgan informed me that a few teachers were sharing my story and posts with their jr. high classes when chatting about different mental health topics. One of which…

noah, life in prison

Fitness in Prison | Noah’s Story

September 22, 2019

Hey all, Noah here. If you’re new to the blog, you can rewind back HERE to read about what this is all about and why I’m sharing my story. In…

noah, life in prison

White Collar vs. Drug Offender | Noah’s Story

September 20, 2019
White Collar vs Drug Offender | construction2style

Noah here, back again. Something I have noticed throughout my prison time is the struggle between white-collar offenders and drug offenders. Especially since I have been at the camp for…