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noah, life in prison

White People Problems | Noah’s Story

November 24, 2019

Hey guys, Noah, here. The struggle is real, white people have problems, and that is a fact. Especially here in prison. But how does that struggle compare to other races who…

noah, life in prison

The Joy of Writing | Noah’s Story

November 23, 2019

One thing I have learned through this journey, especially over the last couple of years as I have worked on my recovery, is many of the answers I was looking…

noah, life in prison

Sentencing Reduction | Noah’s Story

November 22, 2019

Hey all, Noah here! Some good news I recently received was my sentence compensation sheet with an adjustment for an additional seven days good time, from the First Step Act,…

noah, life in prison

c2s Crew Visit Day 2 | Noah’s Story

November 19, 2019

Noah here! So after day one of visiting with the c2s crew, I couldn’t get Topher’s glorious mustache out of my mind and I was beating myself up for not…