BizCom Conference 2021


November 4th, 2021
4 – 8 PM

Connection, community, and education are what BizCom is all about! We started this conference 4 years ago and we can’t wait to gather again on November 4th at a new venue in Minneapolis, called The Whim.

Are you a business owner? Ever struggle with your online presence? What social media channels are the best to invest time in? How do you promote yourself and get brand recognition on TV and print media? What is SEO and how do you set up a strategy to attract paying leads? Or how do you deal with your success? Work with brands or influencers?

These are all questions (and more!) that will be answered at the BizCom Summit, by some of the Twin Cities’ most savvy influencers and online marketing gurus.

Join us for a unique conference to learn from industry professionals in and around the Twin Cities area about marketing, social media, and so much more.

Sponsorship Opportunities are available. Email for more information.




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