How to Build a Blanket Ladder

1. Figure out your Design

There are so many cool blanket ladder designs out there it can be hard to decide on which one to do. With a simple design like this, all you need are 2 x 4’s. Depending on how tall you want your blanket ladder will determine your measurements. If you use 8′ long boards, you may have to just cut down the ends a bit.

How to make a blanket ladder | construction2style

2. Gather your Materials & Tools

The first step is getting together your material list and tools, this project cost less than $20 to make. Create your list and headed to your local Lowe’s store to grab all the materials. One of the cool things about Lowe’s is that you can cut your wood in store.


  • 3x: 8’x2”x4”
  • 1x: 2.5” box of general construction screws
  • Minwax Stain: Dark Walnut, Ebony and Classic Grey
  • Paint Brush


  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Electric Sander or Sandpaper

How To Make A Blanket Ladder | construction2style

3. Cut your Lumber

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you’ll cut your lumber down to the length that you want it. Start off with three boards: 2”x4”x8′. Cut two of the boards to their desired length based on how tall you’d like your blanket ladder to be and then for the middle rungs cut them each down to 15″.

How To Make A Blanket Ladder | construction2style

4. Sand

Once you cut down the boards, sand them all down before drilling holes and assembling them. You can use an electric sander, but sandpaper works just as well too. If you do use electric, be careful not to put too much pressure in areas, or you’ll dig down into the wood.

5. Mark & Drill

Next step you’ll want to measure and mark the layout of the horizontal boards. Keeping them all spaced the same is important so it all looks even once completed.

6. Assemble

When the layout is done, assembling the ladder is the last step. Using the 2 1/2″ screws, run two screws through the vertical 2x4s of the ladder into the horizontal 2x4s. Repeat until all the parts are together. You can also install the rungs at 45-degree angles for a different look.

7. Stain or Paint

And lastly, stain to your liking. Some of our favorites are Minwax: Dark Walnut, Ebony, and Classic Grey.

how to make a blanket ladder | construction2style