How to Make Slime with G-Man

Are you a parent who doesn’t let their kid bring any slime into the house? Or one that says, bring it all?! I have friends that go both ways and for us, we decided it’s only allowed on the counter or outside. 

Greyson (who now only likes to go by G-man) is on a content creating kick! Not sure if we’re rubbing off on him too much or it’s all the YouTube videos he watches, but either way, I love his ambition to create and make new content each day. 

So this weekend, he wanted to teach you guys how to make slime! Greyson is 5 1/2 and he just recently got into slime. We’ve only ever bought one container of it and out of nowhere, he said he knew how to make it. That was for sure the YouTube he’s been watching. Ha! 

With Elmers Magic Liquid, Glue, and Contact Solution you’ll have loads of slime in no time. 

How to Make Slime with G-Man

Yield: 3 Cups

How to Make Slime

How to Make Slime with G-Man
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost 12.71


  • Elmer's Magic Liquid
  • Glue
  • Contact Solution


  • Bowl
  • Spoon/Spatula


  1. Pour 2 Containers of Elmer's Glue into a bowl. The glue can range from 4-6oz bottles. We used one 5 oz and one 6 oz bottles of glue.
  2. Pour in 8.75 oz of Elmer's Magical Liquid.
  3. Add in 2 TBS of Contact Solution
  4. Mix with spoon. And you might have to get your hands in there and kneed the lumps out.
  5. Have some fun!
How to Make Slime with G-Man

It probably cost more to make the slime but it was really cool to see his excitement in making it, every step of the way. And it’s pretty neat to show them how some of the things they love to play with can be made.

How to Make Slime with G-Man

How to Make Slime with G-Man

And these guys had so much fun with their slime all weekend long! 

How to Make Slime with G-Man

How to Make Slime with G-Man