How to Build Indoor Greenery Boxes

We just wrapped up a cool bar for our clients and one of the things they wanted to have on one wall was planter boxes hanging from the wall. They also wanted it made out of reclaimed wood to match the reclaimed wall we did on the other wall of their bar.

Chanhassen Basement Bar | construction2style

We’re pretty pumped about how it all turned out, so we wanted to show you how to DIY one too.

  • pieces of reclaimed wood
  • 1x pine for the structure
  • wood glue
  • finishing nails or staples
  • tape measure
  • clamps
  • black paint
  • painting supplies
  • miter saw
  • table saw


Figure out the size planter you want, and that’ll make your cut list. We wanted our boxes 36″ wide. With the reclaimed wood being a little on the fragile side we decided to build a structure out of 1×6 pine to ensure strength for whatever the client decided to put in the planters.


Our reclaimed boards had large knots/holes/cracks in them, so we painted the pine structure boxes black. This is a little trick to make the boxes look more natural. The black is a lot better looking than the bright natural color of the pine.

Glue & Assemble

Lay the bottom piece of wood on a work surface and apply a small bead of wood glue all the way around the edges. Adhere one of the side pieces to the bottom, lining it up flush with all sides. This will make the reclaimed wood much easier to attach to the exterior and get a nice even piece.

When the structure boxes are complete, you can then cut the reclaimed boards to “wrap” around the structure. With our boxes we mitered the reclaimed boards so we would get a solid look to them.


While the glue is still wet, shift miters are needed to ensure the pieces match up how you want them. Once your pieces are in place, use a clamp on each end to secure the box. When dry, use a few finishing nails on each corner to attach the reclaimed boards to the box.

Chanhassen Basement Bar | construction2style


Once the boxes are complete, it’s time to install. Make sure to use a screw that is long enough to go through the box/drywall and into the stud a decent amount. Always anchor into a stud, if you can. If you can’t hit a stud for some reason make sure to use a proper size drywall anchor.

Plant away!

Chanhassen Basement Bar | construction2style