8 Painting Hacks that Will Change your Life

This post is sponsored by HANDy Paint Products, but all opinions are our own. 


Starting on a couple new kitchen and bathroom projects this upcoming week we’re getting our painting projects back going in full force. So we need all the painting hacks we can get and want to share with you 8 of our favorite that will change your painting lives!

Our Favorite Painting Hacks

1. Use a Lint Roller

When you’re painting trim, your paint-brush can pick up dust from the floor, which can leave trim with little specks all over in it. This drives us bonkers! So, here’s a game changer! We started using a lint roller to roll the base of the carpet to get all those tiny little particles that the vacuum didn’t get. It also works great for dusting off walls or top of cabinets before you start painting. Don’t ask us why, but for some reason, washing them off won’t always get the stragglers.


2. Use Vaseline

If you have a spot you don’t want to be painted (i.e. your windows or walls) and are sick of using tape for everything, then Vaseline is the way to go. It’s never fun when you spend all that time taping areas off, and you go to pull the tape off and the paint has leaked onto your surfaces or, even worse, dried. Next time, put Vaseline on that area and watch it wipe clean. It’s magic!


3. Kill Odors with Essential Oils

When taking on a paint project, the odor can consume your entire home for weeks, and you may even start feeling a little off and dizzy. The most recent of these painting hacks that has officially changed our life includes using essential oils. Next time you’re painting, place one drop of Purification from Young Living Essential Oils into the gallon of paint, and you’ll be amazed. You won’t smell the paint and your home will smell super good! If you don’t have Purification, Lavender will also work well.


4. Use the HANDy Ladder Pail

Balancing walking up the ladder while carrying your paint bucket, brush and rollers can be challenging and scary. So we love our HANDy Ladder Pail! The HANDy Ladder Pail hooks to the side of most step and extension ladders. It can easily hold over a gallon of paint, and my favorite…it has a built-in magnetic brush holder as well as a tool and rag-holder.


5. Wrap & Freeze

This painting hack we discovered on accident, and it gave us a good laugh because it worked! I don’t know why, but at the end of one of our painting days I put all of our supplies in the freezer. It was probably a day we didn’t use the essential oils, and I had lost my mind, haha! The next day when we came back to paint, Jamie was wondering where all the paint supplies had gone and when I pulled them out of the freezer he was real confused, but it worked like a charm! After thawing for 10-15 minutes, our supplies were ready to go!


When you have a big painting project, it can sometimes take several days to complete and cleaning up your supplies at the end of each day is very time-consuming. No matter how much you try to cover your supplies up there is always a little bit of paint that drys. It then eventually finds its way to the project you’re painting and leaves little dried up paint swatches everywhere.

So next time you’re getting your supplies wrapped up for the night, wrap your brushes, rollers, and bucket in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer.

Note that while you can freeze your supplies, do not freeze your paint cans. This will ruin your paint. Also try to get any excess paint off of your brushes, rollers, and trays before you place them in the freezer.

6. Use Plastic Wrap Under the Lid

We all know how aggravating it is when trying to pry open an old paint can. The next time you seal a lid, place plastic wrap on the lid to ensure an easy opening next time around.

7. Paint Pad and a Painters Stick

Have those hard to reach places that you can’t paint like behind your toilet?! Use a paint pad and painters stick to get in between those hard to reach places instead of trying to wedge your brush in and making a big ‘ol mess!

8. Fabric Softener


When your project is finally done, do you get sick of washing your brushes for hours, only to have your paint- brush still be so hard you have to throw it away after a couple uses? Well, we’ve been soaking our brushes in fabric softener for a few minutes before we clean them. It helps get your brushes and rollers clean and soft in no time. Your brushes will feel like new again and, bonus, will smell awesome!

So there you have it, our 8 painting hacks for you to use that will change your life. Do you guys have any fun painting hacks? We’d love to hear them! We need all the tips we can get.

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Photo & Video Credit: Chelsie Lopez