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8 Steps to Install Cement Tile Flooring

August 4, 2021
how to lay cement tile flooring

How to Lay Cement Tile Flooring WAHOO! Our Laundry room is officially done, and we’re pretty stoked about it. If you guys remember a little while back, we refreshed the…

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How to Remove Carpet | 8 Step Guide

July 23, 2019
How to Remove Carpet From Your Home | construction2style

How to Remove Carpet Whether you’re a germ freak or a comfort seeker, there are many reasons to remove your old carpet and swap it out with something new. A…

Design + Build

6 Steps to Install Tile Flooring

January 3, 2018
6 Steps to Install Tile Flooring | construction2style

Materials Tile Mortar Grout Two 5 Gallon Pails Sponge Trowel Electric Mixer     1. Demolition If your current tile is vinyl, all you need to do is tear it…