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Welcome to the colors of our home! Within these walls, we’ve embraced the power of hues, understanding how they can transform emotional landscapes, and provide comfort and inspiration. But let’s…

Before + After | Project Reveals

Our Personal In-Ground Pool Reveal + Costs

March 5, 2024
in-ground pool reveal

We started digging our in-ground pool late last summer, and the one year mark is already upon us. Fall of 2021, we finished our pool project just in time for…

Our Personal Home + Family Lifestyle

Transforming My Health, My Weight Loss Journey

January 24, 2024
Marketing Courses to elevate your brand | construction2style | 2024 Digital Marketing

Alright, friends – here’s a post I never expected to write. Because I am no health, or weight loss expert. But our Instagram friends and community have been observant, continuously…