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Beach Vacation or Mountain Getaway?

January 5, 2023
Beach Vacation or Mountain Getaway? 1

According to Ernest Hemingway, you truly can love them both. But most of the time when you go on vacation, you get one or the other. What’s closer to your heart? Catching…

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Contractor Coalition Summit Recap

August 16, 2022
contractor coalition summit in Nashville Tennessee

My heart is so full writing this blog post from our past Contractor Coalition Summit, which was held this past May in Nashville, TN. A little late to the game…

resilience2reform, Our Non-Profit

COVID- 19 from an Inmate | Noah’s Story

April 4, 2020
COVID- 19 from an Inmate | Noah's Story

Hey guys, it’s Noah. So, it appears that the coronavirus is all anybody is talking about out there. And from what we’re seeing on TV the news is consumed by…