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Transforming My Health, My Weight Loss Journey

January 24, 2024
Marketing Courses to elevate your brand | construction2style | 2024 Digital Marketing

Alright, friends – here’s a post I never expected to write. Because I am no health, or weight loss expert. But our Instagram friends and community have been observant, continuously…

Our Personal Home + Family Lifestyle

A New Day Has Come, My Tattoo Journey

October 4, 2023
Morgan Molitor | Tattoo Journey

So here it goes, friends. 157 days ago, I embarked on a new journey … If you saw my Instagram post, this is probably why you’re reading. Writing this piece has…

resilience2reform, Our Non-Profit

Clean and Sober | Noah’s Story

September 5, 2020
Clean and Sober | Noah's Story 6

September 1st, 2016, was the last day I used drugs. I went to prison on September 3rd, 2013, so the last time I did drugs was during my incarceration. When…

resilience2reform, Our Non-Profit

My Greatest Fear | Noah Bergland

July 25, 2020
My Greatest Fear | Noah Bergland 8

When I get out of here, I fear… I will disappoint everyone who has had my back. Sometimes I feel like my life has been one big disappointment after another….