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Easy Baked Brie in Puff Pastry Recipe

February 25, 2023
fresh baked brie coming out of the oven

What do you think about brie? Do you prefer it fresh or have you maybe tried baked brie?  I bet now I got your attention and you are thinking!  Anyone…


Best Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

February 11, 2023
Raspberry Ice Cream Cake

This ice cream cake will steal your heart. It’s beautiful, delicious and very presentable. I am a huge fan of Nadia Hussain, her cookbooks and her baking. She offers recipes that…


Central Time Scone | Recipe

October 5, 2022

Don’t scones with some butter and jam sound glorious?  Some mornings just have to start with a book at Isles Bun & Coffee or Bread & Chocolate! Wouldn’t that be…


Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash

September 30, 2022
acorn squash

I grew up being in love with spring! My birthday is in May, which is also a month when school ends, and it signifies that summer is just around the…


The Guest House Sugar Cookie Recipe

June 21, 2020

I’ve had such a sweet tooth this pregnancy so I wanted to share one of my favorite sugar cookie recipes with you. We covered ours with pink frosting to celebrate…