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resilience2reform, Our Non-Profit

The Guest House, My Parent’s Diner

May 29, 2020
The Guest House, My Parent's Diner 7

During my creative writing class at Yankton Federal Prison Camp, I was asked to think of a diner. I didn‘t have to think for long, because I grew up in…

resilience2reform, Our Non-Profit

Work for Felons | Christopher Warren

May 27, 2020
Work for Felons

Work For Felons It is a buzz theme: rehabilitation, not recidivism.  The concept means well, and when executed right, pays huge dividends for offenders, victims, and society. The thought runs…

resilience2reform, Our Non-Profit

The Covenant Coffee Experience | Christopher Warren

May 10, 2020
The Covenant Coffee Experience | Christopher Warren 18

Covenant Coffee Hey there construction2style Community, I have chronicled for you my journey from prison to the streets of San Francisco to the backyard of my parents’ house in Sacramento.  …