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Anya Bergland

Content Manager & SEO Strategist

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Anya, a dynamic force within the c2s family, joined us in November 2022, bringing an inspiring blend of dedication and enthusiasm. As a devoted wife and mother of three lovely daughters, her commitment to family forms the bedrock of her endeavors, infusing her work with deep compassion and empathy.

With a diverse background spanning Education, Training, Development, Sales, and Refugee Resettlement, Anya embodies a profound commitment to making a positive impact. Her passion for education and her ability to bridge cultures make her an invaluable asset to our team. Fluent in multiple languages and well-traveled, she thrives in diverse environments, enhancing our global perspective.

Since moving to Minneapolis in 2010 to pursue her Master’s at Bethel University, Anya has seamlessly integrated into our vibrant community, infusing it with her warmth and kindness. Her deep spirituality and unwavering faith are evident in her work, instilling our team with integrity and purpose.

Anya’s multifaceted role at c2s encompasses her position as an SEO and social strategist, along with her crucial role as an account manager. Her expertise ensures our brand’s online presence resonates authentically and reaches a wide audience.

In October 2021, Anya became a cherished member of our family by marrying Noah, Morgan’s younger brother. Remarkably, she orchestrated her wedding in less than 30 days, showcasing her exceptional organizational skills and creativity. Her ability to turn dreams into reality is a testament to her efficiency and determination.

Anya’s presence at c2s is transformative, elevating our work with her unique perspective and boundless energy. She embodies the essence of strength, grace, and purpose, inspiring us all to reach new heights. Welcome, Anya, to our impactful journey at c2s!

Strength Finder

In my professional journey, I embody the strengths of an Activator, Arranger, Communicator, Focused thinker, and Future-oriented individual. These qualities have become the pillars of my approach, enabling me to transform ideas into tangible results. With my adept organizational skills, I thrive in managing intricate tasks and diverse teams, ensuring a smooth flow in every project. My clear and articulate communication style allows me to connect effectively with people, while my unwavering focus drives me toward achieving our objectives. My forward-thinking mindset fuels my passion for exploring new horizons, guiding my decisions toward long-term success. These strengths define my professional identity, empowering me to inspire and create meaningful impacts in every endeavor.

Favorite Book

The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger, “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller, and “Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie offer diverse perspectives and profound insights. Salinger’s classic explores the complexities of adolescence, while Miller’s memoir delves into spirituality and self-discovery. Adichie’s novel provides a compelling narrative on identity and race. Each book promises a captivating journey through its unique storytelling.

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