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Jamie Molitor

Co - Founder, Contractor 

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Jamie, the co-founder of construction2style and husband to Morgan, has been the driving force behind our company’s inception. With a college degree in carpentry from Fargo, ND, he aspired to become a custom home builder. Despite the challenging economic times after graduation, Jamie persevered. He ventured into real estate by purchasing his first investment property, which led to meeting Morgan. Inspired by his talents, Morgan proposed the idea of starting a blog, which evolved into the launch of c2s. Their venture quickly garnered attention, leading to custom furniture and remodeling requests.

While managing a commercial waterproofing job, Jamie embraced the growing demand for their services. Encouraged by increasing leads, he took the leap, dedicating himself full-time to their general contracting and interior residential remodeling company.

You’ll often find Jamie wielding a hammer, his silent demeanor masking his keen observation skills. By the time he’s done working with you, he’ll likely know more about you than you know about yourself. He embodies authenticity, humility, and genuine craftsmanship, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

In addition to his impressive skills in carpentry and design, Jamie is a devoted father to three children. During his spare moments, he enjoys the thrill of the dirtbike track, being on the golf course, and channeling his creativity into personal home projects. His ideal life revolves around being home with his family, cherishing every moment spent with his kids and loved ones. His passion for both his work and his family makes him an invaluable and multifaceted member of our team.

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