Jill Jensen 1

Jill Jensen

Office + Shop Manager

Jill comes to c2s with 20 years retail management background and is now our Shop and Office Manager. She’s one behind the scenes now sending the invoices, paying the bills, getting shipments out, and ensuring we are staying in line over here.
Raised in the family grocery business which turned into commercial real estate investment company and she currently oversees. She any friends started business which lead me into small business consulting specializing in retail and office administration because of my desire to HELP everyone succeed. She has the best energy, is one heck of an entrepreneur, a single mom that is so selfless, continuously gives, and over the last couple of years I’ve known her… she doesn’t have one mean bone in her body. She’s the type that sees a challenge and immediately problem solves and does what’s right. She knows how to get ish done!

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