Morgan Molitor 1

Morgan Molitor

Co- Founder, Creative Director

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Morgan is the other half and co-founder of construction2style, alongside her husband Jamie. Wife, mom of 3, content creator, marketing strategist, stylist and designer. 

For over 5  years, they’ve been tearing houses apart and creating new dream spaces not only for their clients but for themselves. Starting c2s from the ground up as a DIY blog and have since evolved into a full- service design + build interior residential and small media company. They document it all from the construction side, to how to build a website, developing multiple streams of revenue, to how to build your brand while ensuring profitability. Whether you want to DIY with their home improvement or marketing tutorials online or hire them to completely do it for you, they’re an open book! 

MN based but nationwide, Morgan graduated from college in Long Beach, CA with a fashion merchandising and marketing degree, she has now taken that creativity and knowledge to use within their clients homes and website. 

Morgan oversees all content creation, manages the brand partnerships, is the writing guru, and overall creative director. She also heads up their online education courses and in- person marketing conferences. You can always find an infectious smile on Morgan’s face and hear her contagious laugh. She’s a forward thinker, risk taker, and nothing makes her happier than when she gets to play a small part in making people’s dreams and lives thrive. 

What’s your Sign, Enneagram or Insights Training?

Sign – Libra
Enneagram – 7
Insights – Yellow 

Best Childhood Memory? 

Growing up with my cousins right next door and on the golf course.  Swimming for golf balls in the ponds after dark. 

One Person you’d Love to have Lunch with?

My Dad, who passed away in 2007. Would love to have lunch with him to chat with now as an adult. 

Favorite Book?

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

If you could Time Travel, When Would you go? 

2029. I’ll be 45 that year, enough to pivot my life and not be retired yet. Still a of life to live. 

Favorite Teacher, Leader or Mentor and why?