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Morgan Molitor

Co- Founder, Creative Director

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About Morgan Molitor

Morgan Molitor, co-founder of construction2style (c2s), a dynamic design and build firm, alongside her husband Jamie, has been keeping it real since 2012.

As a wife, mother of three, and c2s co-founder, Morgan embodies creativity and innovation. Starting with a humble blog, their journey has blossomed into a thriving design + build firm, construction2style. Expanding further, they launched Neon Lion, a dynamic media company, and championed second chances through the non-profit initiative, resilience2reform. Spanning nearly a decade, these endeavors showcase Morgan’s commitment to transformative design, media, marketing, and community impact.

With an academic background in fashion merchandising and marketing, Morgan’s years in the corporate world paved the way for her venture into the home industry. At c2s, she juggles multiple roles, managing content creation, marketing, brand partnerships, and leading interior design and styling. Her passion for community over competition is evident in initiatives like online courses, in-house marketing workshops, and the national Contractor Coalition Summit, that she spearheads with two industry colleagues.

A forward thinker and risk-taker, Morgan finds joy in contributing to people’s dreams and lives. Her infectious positive energy resonates through their work, whether crafting dream spaces for clients or guiding colleagues through marketing endeavors. With Jamie, they’ve revolutionized the industry, sharing home lifestyle insights and providing invaluable guidance on design, construction, marketing, community, and team lifestyle. Their dedication to authenticity and transparency has been a guiding principle of construction2style since 2012. 

Sign, Enneagram + Insights 

  • Sign: Libra
  • Enneagram: 7
  • Insights: Yellow 

Best Childhood Memory 

One of my most cherished childhood memories involves growing up right next door to my cousins and spending endless hours on the golf course. Our evenings were filled with excitement as we ventured out to the ponds after dark, swimming to retrieve lost golf balls. The thrill of the adventure, the laughter, and the bond we shared during those magical nights created memories that will last a lifetime.

One Person you’d Love to have Lunch with …

I would love for a chance to have lunch with my Dad (who passed away in 2007 unexpectedly) or simply just sit on the deck together in one another’s presence. As an adult now, there are so many things I wish I could discuss with him. His wisdom and guidance were invaluable, and I often wonder how his perspective would shape my decisions today. The opportunity to share my life, seek his advice, and simply enjoy his company once more would mean the world to me.

Favorite Book

“Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers is a powerful and compelling novel that takes readers on an emotional journey through love, redemption, and forgiveness. Set in 1850s California, the story revolves around Angel, a young woman trapped in the depths of despair and forced into a life of prostitution. Michael Hosea, a devout and kind-hearted farmer, becomes captivated by Angel and feels a calling to rescue her from her tragic existence.

Inspired by the biblical story of Hosea and Gomer, the novel explores themes of unconditional love, grace, and the transformative power of faith. Through Michael’s unwavering devotion and Angel’s journey toward healing, the novel delves into the complexities of human relationships and the resilience of the human spirit.

“Redeeming Love” has touched the hearts of readers worldwide, leaving a lasting impact with its powerful storytelling and messages of hope. It’s a story of love’s ability to conquer even the deepest wounds, making it a must-read for anyone seeking a profound and uplifting literary experience.

Time Travel, What Year?

If I had the ability to time travel, I would choose to go to the year 2029. At 45 years old, I would have the perfect balance of experience and youthful vigor. It’s an age where I could make significant life changes, explore new opportunities, and continue to shape my future. With the wisdom of my years and the anticipation of what lies ahead, 2029 would be the ideal moment to venture into the future, embracing the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

Favorite Teacher, Leader, or Mentor 

One of my favorite mentors is Mercedes Austin, the creative force behind Mercury Mosaics. Her innovative tile designs, showcased on our website’s front page, never fail to inspire me. The intricate patterns and vibrant colors she employs serve as a constant reminder of the boundless possibilities in creativity. Mercedes’ work fuels my own passion, encouraging me to explore new avenues and push the boundaries of my own artistic endeavors.

Mercedes Austin is the founder of Mercury Mosaics, a renowned tile design and manufacturing studio. With a background in fine arts and ceramics, she started her career working in a handmade tile shop and further honed her skills in Italy. Mercedes is known for her innovative approach to tile design and her commitment to craftsmanship.

Mercury Mosaics is recognized for creating stunning and unique handcrafted tiles. The company collaborates with clients to produce customized tile designs for various spaces, incorporating vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Mercedes Austin’s dedication to her craft and her artistic vision have earned her a reputation in the tile industry.