In-Ground Trampoline

We got a free trampoline! Total score. Our summer in Minnesota has been pretty awesome, but we have had a few really stormy and windy nights. With one of those our neighbor’s trampoline blew up into a tree…and ended up looking like what you see below. After a few weeks of it being up in the tree, I’m not gonna lie, I was totally that person who called and asked them if we could have it. Ha! And they said YES! They already bought a new trampoline, so we were stoked. And we knew exactly what we were going to do with it.

Jamie’s parents have their trampoline in the ground, and the first time I went to their house, I was obsessed. I had never seen that before, and I couldn’t get over how amazing it was! It’s the little things. Haha! I’m pretty sure we were on date three, and since that day I had seriously been dreaming about the day when I was married to Jamie, had all of his babies, a beautiful home, and of course an in ground trampoline. No joke. This right here was totally part of my happily ever after. And this past Sunday we got to make that dream a reality. Jamie’s parents came over and we spent the day digging dirt and getting this baby into the ground. And when I say we, I mean Jamie and his dad.

It took us a few weeks to decide where to put the trampoline. In the end, we decided on a corner of our property near the playground that was wasted space. Once we figured out the location, Jamie and his dad started by measuring the length of the trampoline and dividing that number in half. Then, they took a rope of that length and stuck one end into the ground while walking in a circle with spray paint with the other end to create a perfect circle where they needed to dig.

Did that make any sense? Haha! I should have taken a video of them doing it because it was pretty slick.

And then they got on the backhoe and got digging. And yes, Greyson and our niece Melrose were right there every step of the way cheering papa on and trying to help him.

Typically the legs are a lot longer but being half of them blew away in the storm, Jamie took off the middle metal of the legs of what remained and just made them a lot shorter. Otherwise, we would have left them and put those into the ground as well.

And then once the dirt was dug out, they placed the metal legs into the hole.

Once the metal legs of the trampoline were in place, they continued to dig the middle of the hole deeper and push dirt up against the sides of the legs as well. So the hole gradually got deeper towards the center, since that’s where you jump the hardest and it has the most spring.

The guys also secured the legs with 2x4s and screwed the metal legs into the wood.

And then we got the tramp and springs secured back onto the surround and legs. And we could hardly keep the kido’s off of it!

They were SOOO excited for their new trampoline! And now we don’t have to worry about them falling off and hurting themselves. They can just run right on and run right off. Next…we’ll be laying sod!


In-Ground Trampoline from Morgan Molitor on Vimeo.

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