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austin fowler diaper bag

The bags, all the baby bags.

Once I became a mom, I became a bag lady. And carrying that many bags on top of this 20 pound 6 month old is quite exhausting.

Baby Bags 1

And after two kids, forget it. It’s hard enough getting yourself out the door let alone your kids, and all the bags, too. I tell my friends if you wanna lose weight have some kids. Every morning I’m pretty sure I run from the house down the stairs to the car and then back up the stairs back into the house and back out to the car and down the stairs 20x a morning.

First I haul Beck, then G, then the bags.

The diaper bag, Greyson’s backpack, the pump bag, my purse, my computer bag, the lunch bag, the beverage bag (cause you need ten bottles of water throughout the day for all your running), and then all the bags I forget. And there’s always “that bag” filled with errands too. It’s bad. I’ve told Jamie that I’m thinking about upgrading my vehicle just because of the amount of bags that travel with me. No joke.

Baby Bags 2

But, my life’s changing, my friends.

I recently got the Austin | Fowler diaper bag and it is a game changer. GAME CHANGER!

And it’s not just a diaper bag. It’s a bag catered to everyone. Just look inside. I have one pocket for Beckam and one for Greyson, one for my computer, one for diapers and wipes, changes of clothes, notebooks, and even sides for water bottles. And I have even thrown the motor from my pump in there. Did you know you can do that by the way? Because I just figured that out 2nd time around. No more with the black boring pump bag.

Baby Bags 3

And what I love even MORE about this company, is that they’re female owned and Minnesota based. How awesome is that??

So for all you ladies out there (or men) that are looking for something unique and fashionable for yourself or to get your ladies this Christmas, this is it. And we’re giving you guys a 20%  off code. Just use our code at checkout: CONSTRUCTION20

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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Click HERE to start shopping and don’t forget to use our promo code for 20% off: CONSTRUCTION20


austin fowler diaper bag

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