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remodeling projects

The Trista Design

June 2, 2021
The Trista Design 1

We’re back with another lower-level refresh! This lower level was also unfinished when our clients reached out to us, so we got to have some major fun designing this space…

Wallpaper is making a big comeback in the world of design, and we’re fans. We have been recommending wallpaper for pretty much every client recently. We have wallpaper in The…

remodeling projects

Hampshire Haven Design

May 26, 2021
Hampshire Haven Design 27

Lower levels are typically the part of the home that is forgotten. Unfinished lower levels have been a way to save money on homes and something to come back to…

remodeling projects

Mill Street Mudroom Design

May 19, 2021
Mill Street Mudroom Design 70

Mudrooms are often times where families spend a lot of time. Coming and going, throwing boots and coats down, doing loads and loads of laundry. We spend a lot more…