Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 1

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Lorien Home Ferguson Selections


Let’s start with the fridge/freezer combo we put into this home, which was a panel ready appliance. 

Panel-ready appliances, such as fridge freezers and dishwashers, have become increasingly popular in modern kitchen designs for several compelling reasons. Their seamless integration into cabinetry allows for a streamlined and cohesive look in the kitchen. Within this home, we wanted a dark and moody, yet modern day vibe. Knowing this we knew part of the appliances should be integrated within the overall kitchen design.

Unlike traditional appliances with visible stainless steel or colored exteriors, panel-ready options can be customized to match the surrounding cabinetry, creating a uniform and elegant aesthetic. This integration can help the kitchen maintain a clean, minimalist appearance, perfect for contemporary or transitional designs.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 2

Let’s dive into the Lorien Home’s kitchen centerpiece—the JennAir 42 Inch Wide 25.5 Cu. Ft. Built-In Refrigerator with Obsidian Interior. This fridge freezer isn’t just cool; it’s downright impressive.

Let’s talk about that Obsidian Interior. It’s not your average fridge interior. With its sleek black finish, it’s like stepping into a high-end gallery where food items become art pieces. The colors pop, and every item is showcased beautifully, even down to the matching crisper drawers and freezer.

But it’s not just about looks. This fridge is all about functionality too. The fully flush, fully integrated design seamlessly blends into any kitchen decor, giving it that luxurious, custom-built feel. Plus, with its Multi-Point LED Theater Lighting, your groceries are always in the spotlight, making it easy to find what you need, even in the depths of the fridge.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 3

Let’s not forget about the convenience factor. The capacitive touch controls with LED display put the power at your fingertips, allowing independent control of refrigerator and freezer temperatures with just a touch. It’s easy to clean and even easier to operate, making it a joy to use day in and day out.

With its ample storage capacity, stunning Obsidian Interior, and advanced features, the JennAir Built-In Refrigerator elevates the Lorien Home’s kitchen to a whole new level of cool. Say goodbye to ordinary fridges and hello to extraordinary design and functionality.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 4

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 5

construction2style home design + build | kitchen remodel

Next up, the dishwasher, another panel- ready appliance we incorporated into this homes design. By blending seamlessly with cabinetry, this allows the homeowners to prioritize other design elements without worrying about clashing appliance finishes, and no-one needs to see the reminder of their dishwasher more than they have to.

This versatility opens up creative possibilities for kitchen layouts, enabling designers to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look throughout the space.

The appeal of panel-ready fridge freezers and dishwashers lies in their ability to combine functionality with aesthetics, offering homeowners a practical solution for achieving a cohesive and stylish kitchen design. Whether for their seamless integration, design flexibility, or customizable options, panel-ready appliances continue to be a beloved choice in modern kitchen design.

For our client’s home, we selected the Thermador Emerald 24 Inch Wide 16 Place Setting Free Standing Panel Ready Top Controls Dishwasher.

Its exceptional features:

  • Panel-ready finish seamlessly integrates into cabinetry.
  • Accommodates 16 place settings, ideal for a large family.
  • Easy-to-use touch controls for simple operation.
  • Offers 5 wash cycles and 6 options, including Sens-A-Wash® for versatile cleaning.
  • Durable stainless steel interior ensures longevity.
  • Quiet operation rated at 48 dB minimizes household disruptions.
  • Advanced features include Chef’s Tool Drawer® for extra storage, Blue PowerBeam® indicator, and Home Connect™ for remote monitoring and control.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 6

Moving onto the range cooktop and the hood with ventilation. Now the range, is usually always a show stopper and something you want to stand out. So no panel ready here. But when it comes to the hood, we always ensure the hood makes its own statement whether it’s an insert, like we did at #TheLorienHome or a hood statement of its own material. 

In designing our client’s home, catering to the needs of their busy family of six was key. With their love for cooking and constantly being on the go, we knew that incorporating the Thermador Pro Grand® 36 Inch Wide 5.7 Cu. Ft. Slide-In Dual Fuel Range with 4 Burners and Induction Griddle Finish in Stainless Steel would be an excellent choice.

Here’s why:

  1. Superior Cooking Performance: The patented Star Burners offer exceptional flame distribution, ensuring precise control over cooking temperatures. This means our client can confidently tackle any recipe, from simmering delicate sauces to searing meats, with consistent results every time.
  2. Versatility for Family Cooking: With four burners and an induction griddle, this range provides the versatility needed to handle multiple dishes simultaneously, perfect for family gatherings and busy weeknight dinners. From pancakes on the griddle to pots bubbling away on the burners, this range can accommodate their culinary adventures.
  3. Convenience Features: The ExtraLow Simmer feature is invaluable for keeping food warm without overcooking, ideal for a family with varying schedules. Plus, the QuickClean Base ensures easy cleanup, saving our clients time and effort in maintaining their kitchen.
  4. Safety and Ease of Use: With Hydraulic SoftClose Doors, our clients can enjoy smooth and quiet operation, minimizing disruptions in their bustling household. The Telescopic Racks provide easy access to dishes, making meal preparation and baking a breeze, even for the little ones helping out in the kitchen.

By incorporating the Thermador Pro Grand® range into our client’s home, we’ve not only provided them with a high-performance cooking appliance but also enhanced their kitchen experience with convenience, safety, and versatility, ensuring that their culinary adventures are always enjoyable and memorable.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 7

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 8

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 9 Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 9

Something else we incorporated when it comes to ovens was the Thermador 30″ Masterpiece Single Electric Wall Oven with SoftClose Hinges in the island. Here are a few of the many features and benefits. 

  1. Ample Capacity: Its 4.6 cu. ft. capacity easily accommodates large dishes.
  2. Intuitive Controls: Electronic touch controls make operation effortless.
  3. Versatile Cooking: Offers broil, bake, and convection options for diverse meals.
  4. Adjustable Racks: Three racks, including a telescopic one, adapt to various dish sizes.
  5. Smooth Door Closure: SoftClose® ensures quiet, gentle door closing.
  6. Warranty Coverage: Comes with a 2-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

This oven combines spaciousness, ease of use, versatility, adaptability, smooth operation, and warranty protection, making it a standout addition to any kitchen design.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 11

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 12

Introducing the Sharp 24 Inch Wide 1.2 Cu. Ft. Microwave Drawer with Push Button Opening for the Lorien Home’s kitchen. Not our first rodeo using this one, it’s a favorite with the c2s team. This sleek stainless steel microwave offers innovative pull-out drawer design, providing flexibility in placement. With two opening options and sensor cooking, it’s all about convenience and precision. The hidden control panel maintains a seamless look, while dedicated settings for popcorn and beverages make snack time a breeze. Say hello to style, efficiency, and convenience in one appliance.

Drawer Microwave | construction2style

Now, let’s chat about the kitchen faucet, sink and more such as the air gap. Ever think about the air gap switch? Or maybe in your state you don’t need one for code.  

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 13

Starting with the sink, we’ve got the Blanco Diamond 33-1/2″ Undermount Single Basin SILGRANIT Kitchen Sink. This beauty offers plenty of space for all your kitchen tasks, from washing dishes to soaking pots and pans. Made of durable Silgranit material, it’s not only tough but also easy to clean and maintain. Plus, its undermount design gives your kitchen a seamless look.

construction2style home design + build | kitchen remodel

One of our favorite faucets, but which Brizo faucet isn’t, for the Lorien Home we incorporated the Brizo Odin 1.8 GPM Single Hole Pull Down Kitchen Faucet in Matte Black finish. This faucet isn’t just stylish; it’s also practical with touch activation for easy use. With its pull-down spray and 360-degree swivel spout, you’ll have no trouble reaching every corner of your sink.

And to complement the faucet, we have the Brizo Air Switch with Dual Outlet. This sleek accessory is perfect for your dishwasher, conveniently located by your sink. It’s easy to install and adds a decorative touch to your kitchen while giving you control over your disposal and other accessories.

With these upgrades, your kitchen will not only look great but also be more functional and efficient. Say goodbye to kitchen chores and hello to joyful experiences in your revamped space.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 14

Laundry + Mudroom

When designing the laundry room for our clients, a family of six with four active kids, we knew that durability, efficiency, and convenience were non-negotiables. That’s why we selected the LG Smart Washer and Smart Dryer combo, along with some additional features to streamline their laundry routine.

The LG 27 Inch Wide 5.0 Cu. Ft. Front Load Smart Washer with TurboWash 360 is a game-changer. With its smart technology, it’s not just a washer—it’s a laundry assistant. The TurboWash 360 feature ensures thorough cleaning in less time, perfect for a busy household like ours. Plus, its spacious 5.0 cubic feet capacity means fewer loads, saving time and energy.

Pairing perfectly with the washer is the LG 27 Inch Wide 7.4 Cu. Ft. Gas Smart Dryer with TurboSteam™ and Dial-A-Cycle™. This dryer is not only efficient but also incredibly versatile. The TurboSteam™ feature helps to refresh and de-wrinkle clothes, while the Dial-A-Cycle™ function allows for customized drying cycles tailored to specific needs. With its large 7.4 cubic feet capacity, it can handle even the bulkiest loads with ease.

To maximize space and add convenience, we included the LG 27″ Pedestal Storage Drawer. This pedestal not only elevates the washer and dryer to a more ergonomic height, reducing bending and strain, but also provides additional storage for laundry essentials. With extra storage within the pedestal, our clients can keep detergent, dryer sheets, and other supplies neatly organized and within arm’s reach.

Overall, with the LG Smart Washer and Smart Dryer combo along with the pedestal storage drawer, our clients’ laundry room is transformed into a highly functional and efficient space. Laundry day becomes less of a chore and more of a breeze, allowing our busy family of six to focus on more important things.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 15

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 16

Kids Bathroom

For the kids’ bath, we opted for the Trinsic Collection, Widespread faucet by Delta, in Matte Black finish, which adds a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair to the space. From the Faucet to the Toilet and Bathroom Accessories like the Towel Ring and Toilet Paper Holder, everything was carefully selected to match seamlessly.

With the Trinsic Collection, we were able to achieve a cohesive and stylish look throughout the entire space, ensuring that every detail contributed to the overall design aesthetic. The addition of these high-quality fixtures not only enhances the visual appeal of the kids’ bath but also adds durability and functionality for years to come.

Our Ferguson Selections Featured in #TheLorienHome 17

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