Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from construction2style

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Happy Thanksgiving friends! Our second year into our home remodeling business and five into our blog. We’re SO incredibly thankful for each and every single of you. We’ve said it 100 times and we’ll say it a million more, without all of our loyal readers we wouldn’t be a thing. Period. You guys are our people- our family, our tribe.

We hope you have the most wonderful time with those you love. We’re coming at you from Roseau, MN, my hometown. We took the week off and it’s so amazing to do nothing but just hang with the family, stuff our faces, and walk back and forth from grandma’s to great grandma and papa’s house to play more and more cards. Enjoy a glass or bottle of wine for me.

Happy Thanksgiving! We love you guys! Off to great grandma’s house we go…

Happy Thanksgiving from construction2style

Jamie, Morgan, Greyson

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