Housewarming Gifts That We Always Keep on Hand

Housewarming Gifts that we Always Keep on Hand | construction2style

House warming gifts are so fun – both to give and to receive. The best ones (in our humble opinion) are the ones you always keep on hand, always use, and can’t seem to live without. These are some of our favs. 

Personalized Serving Board

Housewarming Gifts That We Always Keep on Hand 1

Family Laser is our go-to for personalized gifts. This is a gift that you can use all the time – for cooking and for entertaining. The personalizing of it makes it that much better. It’s practical and useful – and a great house warming gift. We’ve taken recipe cards and have gotten them engraved for family or simply had their last name engraved into cutting or serving boards. We even give our clients a Minnesota shaped cutting board with our logo engraved on it as a thank you. No matter what the occasion, they are always so appreciated when it comes to personalized gifts like these. 

MN Basket Girl 

Housewarming Gifts That We Always Keep on Hand 2

Most recently we started working with MN Basket Girl and have absoloutely loved our experience with her! She has hundreds of these baskets on hand and ready to rock and roll for our clients at any given time. She incorporates a variety of goodies some of which include cookies with our logo engraved, champagne, popcorn chocolates and more! So whenever we need a present for a client, family or friend for any occasion including housewarming gifts, she personally delivers them at moments notice which has saved us a ton of time and is so convenient! 

Fiskars 4 Piece Knife Set 

Housewarming Gifts That We Always Keep on Hand 3

We always have a stash of our favorite, Fiskars 4 piece knife set on hand in the office and at home for any housewarming gift. The first time we got our hands on these knives, it basically changed our cooking life! And every-time we hand them out for gifts, we hear nothing but the best things! An unexpected and practical gift and one that not anyone would just run out to buy for themselves. 

Pyrex Simply Store Glass Container Set

Pyrex Simply Store Glass Container Set | construction2style

Photo: Courtesy of USA Today

Another goodie that we love and use! We all need storage containers, and we know how long the plastic ones last going from the drawer to the fridge to the microwave and then to the dishwasher. A great gift is a set of glass containers from Pyrex. They last much longer than plastic and are a great gift for any new home.

Fiskars Hammer

Another one of our favorite products that we always have on hand, a Fiskars Hammer! Hands down, one of our favorite hammers that we all on the team at c2s use on the daily. And this isn’t any ordinary hammer. We’ve paired the hammer with a bottle of champagne and given it for housewarming gifts with a saying such as, “Congrats! It’s time to get hammered!” And it gives people a laugh every time. 

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Dishes & Bowls

I’m always a fan of giving a stack of mini bowls as gifts! And Health Ceramics out of San Fran are some of our favorite. We had the opportunity to tour their facility and it was so cool to see exactly how they are made. Now I always have  stack on hand and wrap 3 up with a bow and give them out as gifts. Love giving gifts that have meaning and personality behind them. And to know each of these ceramic bowls are hand cut and hand painted by creatives is pretty cool! 

Housewarming Gifts That We Always Keep on Hand 4

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