How do you Post Effectively and Efficiently on Pinterest?

How do you Post Effectively and Efficiently on Pinterest?

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Pinterest, my favorite social media platform. Why? Because not only is it a free platform but it has the potential to drive a ton of traffic to your website. While not doing much of anything. And the more traffic the more money. Here at c2s, we post around 30 mins a day and spend less than 30 minutes within the entire month on this platform, by using an app called Tailwinds

How to Quickly Post Daily on Pinterest

Once a month, I take about 30 minutes and schedule 30 pins per day from our construction2style website. No other content, just from c2s. And you can watch this video below on how we do it in live time in under five minutes. 


Go to any blog/website that you love and click the sidebar icon, and in under one minute you’ve pinned all the images on the website. I hop on and use this tool once a week, spending no more than 30 minutes, and I have all my 700 pins scheduled for the week. No need to log into Pinterest ever and you’ll be pinning within every hour of the day.

To think our images have been repined from our blog over 45K times with only spending an hour per week, tops is so neat.

Another cool thing about Tailwinds is you can be part of Tribes. Tribes is a group of people that you can put pins into and re-pin one another’s posts, it’s just another way to engage and build your community. 

Why is it Important to Post on Pinterest?

As a visual search engine, Pinterest does more than help people discover new content–it also helps increase traffic to your website. The more traffic to your website, means more money. And who doesn’t want more money. Here’s is a quick screenshot of our analytics from the first month of the year. Over 8 MILLION eyeballs on our content, and all we spent was 30 minutes in that month. And as you can see in the second screenshot, our top performing board is our own brand board. However, we are posting all of c2s content on all of our boards, not just our c2s branded only board. Which you can see in the video above. 

 How do you Post Effectively and Efficiently on Pinterest? 1

How do you Post Effectively and Efficiently on Pinterest? 2

Pinterest is free and if you can capture almost a million views in a month, why wouldn’t you leverage it?

Pinterest Tools


Canva is our favorite platform to create really anything beautiful that you need. 


Since Pinterest is top performing social platform, this is our absolute favorite tool. Tailwinds is a Pinterest auto-scheduling tool. We schedule and pin 75-100 pins per day. I know this sounds insane, but trust me, once you learn the tool it’ll be a breeze. And if you enable the sidebar widget for easy access, you’re golden. Since we’ve started we’ve only seen an increase across the board.

Pinterest Takeaways:

  • Post 75-100 pins per day using Tailwinds
  • Pin directly from your website, link from the original source
  • Feature business name on the profile and relevant bio
  • Add website URL to your profile
  • Have a detailed and updated description in your “about” section
  • Make sure cover photos on boards reflect your brand style
  • Use detailed titles and descriptions
  • Create and post vertical pins
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