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Tips for Overcome Public Speaking Insecurities | construction2style

In the end of 2016 I joined BWC and at one of our first meetings in 2017, I said out loud to my group that I wanted to do more public speaking.

I couldn’t even believe the words that were coming out of my mouth, but I said it. It was weird.

In 2016, we got asked to be on Twin Cities Live, and then on WCCO.

I will never forget our first time on Twin Cities Live. I almost passed out when we got the email, but I knew we couldn’t turn it down. We were totally one of those people who asked if we could come tour and do a run-through prior. We did, and laugh now, but they were so gracious and kind which is another reason why we absoloutely adore the TCL crew.

Leading up into the week, I was sick and then the day of, Jamie and I were both sick. Not because we were actually sick, we were just sick with nerves.

The day of, we both took the day off and started getting ready for it around at 6:00 am and we didn’t even air until 3:00pm. As I drove there, (no joke) I prayed that we would get into a car accident so we wouldn’t have to go on air and Jamie said he did the same. I know that sounds really crazy but we were honestly that nervous.

Then we got there safely, went on air, both froze… I knew I laughed way too much and we both felt like we blacked out, blinked and it was over. I could have sworn I was intoxicated, but I was in fact, pregnant.

All of our friends, family, and readers said it was great…not sure about that, but it was nice of them and honestly kept us moving on!

Same thing happened on WCCO, but actually we know it got worse…

The crazy thing is though after what felt like two horrible segments…both networks asked us back. Again and then again and again.

Each time we’ve been asked to speak, I’ve said yes and it’s gotten easier and easier and more addictive.

I want to become better, I want to do more, and most importantly, I want to provide more valuable content for you guys.

Since the launch of construction2style our promise and commitment to ourselves has been to provide value (in whatever way that is) to you through all things we do.  We know that if we’re not getting uncomfortable, despite what it is, we’re not moving and growing for you.

And here’s the thing…It has gotten better, which fits the promise that if you practice anything, it will get better.

My grandpa was in Congress and I’ve seen him speaking in front of very large crowds. From a carpenter to speaking in D.C. at The White House to the University of Minnesota and colleges throughout the nation to our very hometown of Roseau, MN.

When it comes to being a leader, he’s always been the highest and one of the most important people I’ve looked up to.

I’ll never forget in my college years, my grandpa asked what classes I was taking and what I was loving and hating. I told him about my speech class and how nerve wracking it was and he told me this advice that I’ve lived by since to overcome public speaking all exact words of wisdom from my very own, grandpa Bob Bergland.

The key to giving a good speech is talking about what you love.”

This is so simple, yet so true, and these exact words he’s reminded me of almost every time I see him. I remind myself of this every time I’m compiling my content for a speaking engagement.

I’ve definitely done my share of speaking engagements about topics that I wasn’t passionate about because I got caught up talking about things I thought people wanted to hear about. Not necessarily what I knew a lot about. When I really thought about what this advice meant, I changed my mindset and only started talking in public about topics, brands, and products that I truly loved and believed in. After starting to live by this simple statement, my presentations started getting a ton easier and more comfortable.

My grandpa also added in to..

“Be educated.”

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, people will see right through you and you’ll lose them forever. If you’re not educated in what you’re talking about you won’t ever feel comfortable standing up there pretending to be an expert if you’re not educated on the subject.

And if you have to speak about something you’re not entirely sure on, educate yourself. Meet with experts in that arena and reference back to them within your presentation. Dig so deep into your subject that you’ll be so comfortable with the content that no matter what question someone might ask you’ll have an answer, or at least know who to direct them to. And it’s ok to direct them to someone else. Don’t ever end with “I don’t know.” If you don’t know and don’t have someone to direct them to, respond with “that’s a great question and I’ll find the answer for you.”

“Know and believe in what you’re talking about and it won’t feel like you’re giving a speech.” 

If you truly believe in what you’re saying, it’s simple. And if you talk about your passion, it’s a heck of a lot easier.

I’ll admit, in the beginning of this journey I presented, without Jamie, on topics that were more on the construction side of things and something that Jamie had solely done and not physically me. And I remember, every time I was no nervous. Now looking back, it was because I wasn’t as educated in the topic and I didn’t even know to believe in the process I was talking on.

Fast forward a few years and now I stick to what I know, am educated on, and believe in. I present on our story, more on the marketing side of things, and the tutorials that I’ve actually physically done. I only talk about brands and products that I’ve used and believe in. You will never find me talking about something that I haven’t used within our own business. I need to use it to know it works and believe in.

Jamie and I just wrapped up our first public speaking event together this past month.

I couldn’t even believe as we were driving down to the event that neither of us were one bit nervous. We both had nerves, not because we were scared, but because we were excited. And after three full days of speaking together in front of a large audience, we wanted more.

I could hardly believe that it was my Jamie standing next to me. He was just as excited as I was. First time, and definitely not our last.

To us, with public speaking comes more opportunities. It seems that eery time we do any speaking or events, 10 more doors open. Not only are we mentally growing and overcoming insecurities, but we’re moving into new opportunities.

So if you guys get nervous, my best tip, the one that came straight from Grandpa Bob, is to know what you’re talking about and believe in it. If not, find a new topic and you’ll do just fine.

Do you guys do public speaking? Or do you just run as far from it as you can? If so, we want to hear your tips!



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