Meet Rise, Tile Collection, an Innovative Mercury Mosaics’ Blend

Meet Rise, Tile Collection, an Innovative Mercury Mosaics' Blend 1

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Are you guys ready for a one-of-a-kind custom tile blend from Mercury Mosaics? Get excited because Mercury Mosaics outdid themselves again with a new RISE tile collection.

Meet Rise. An innovative pattern tile collection that will be launching this upcoming October, and guess what?

You get to see it first within #ArrowheadArtisan in the lower-level guest bathroom. And if you visited this home earlier in June at the Artisan Tour in the Twin Cities, you got to see it in real life, which is even better.

We incorporated Rise within the shower surround and the entire wall behind the vanity. If you didn’t get to tour this home in person, we hope that these photos inspire you when you start your design or remodel endeavors. 

Rise Tile Collection is very unique; all tiles aside, the name and vibe were created to set an intention. As the founder, Mercedes Austin, informed us, the purpose behind Rise tile collection was to believe in the power of manifesting more of what you want in life, to set the bar.

It was a reminder to never give up. And that’s exactly what c2s stands for.

You all know how much we love and adore the beautiful souls behind the Mercury Mosaic team beyond their custom tile. They never just design and create without having a deeper intention behind the end product. 

custom mercury mosaics tile

When I asked Mercedes to share her intention behind Rise tile collection, here is what she told me:  

The story of coming up with the name was as innocent as being in an intimate conversation with another local entrepreneur – sharing our challenges and not letting them swallow us. We were dreaming up a design for a colleague, and I grabbed my sketchbook – with this pattern – and said this needs to be in her entry. It was a message, but really it was a reminder. The two name options were Lift and Rise, and we looked at each other and, in unison, said RISE.

Since the creation of this collection, Mercedes Austin brought it before three local entrepreneurs who have a big heart and hold a special place in her life. They are Alex Steinman of the Coven (designed by Erin Farrell), Houston White (with his Camdentown Flats project and its impact on his long-term vision for Minneapolis), and Morgan Molitor and all the things she’s skating up in a home building with all her bruises and scars.

Each of these three players is a visionary, who can think of many reasons to quit, but they don’t, and that is a true definition of this RISE tile collection! They rise, and they elevate others with them. It’s built within them and is also the foundation of the pattern. I hope to bring a piece of this magic into spaces where people use it. – Mercedes Austin

Mercury Mosaics custom tile

Whenever we work with the Mercury Mosaics team on a new concept, it’s never a quick development and fast transaction, and this is my favorite thing about Mercedes, the founder of Mercury Mosaics, and her team. They always want to know the why behind a project.

Their WHY combines a client’s story, the team involvement, brand partners, the overall big picture to bring the best end product to life. They’re never simply thinking about themselves and the sale.

They genuinely want to bring intentional pieces into every home. Their process is key to creating a more organic look, as they state on their website, and we couldn’t agree more.

Mercury Mosaics carry a quality that cannot be mass-replicated by any machine. The effect isn’t subtle because the difference is apparent in each and every tile. And it goes far beyond what one can see with the naked eye when the tile is laid in a home. 

When bringing the Mercury Mosaics into our #ArrowheadArtisan project, we needed a modern look to match the home’s vibe. Something edgy but bold at the same time, an industrial design that carries a warm feel. And they delivered just that with this new modern-day collection, Rise.

Meet Rise, Tile Collection, an Innovative Mercury Mosaics' Blend 2

Originally when working on #ArrowheadArtisan, we shared with them our vision, the overall design of the home, the look and feel we were achieving, and the other brand partners involved. These are the components their team had started to work with, and they offered us some options from the Rise tile layout and its’ color palette.

The Rise collection had the perfect modern-day vibe for the look we were going for. And it was hard to choose which color palette to narrow it down to because we wanted it all. Here were the top contenders of ours.

Meet Rise, Tile Collection, an Innovative Mercury Mosaics' Blend 3

Meet Rise, Tile Collection, an Innovative Mercury Mosaics' Blend 4 

Like craftspeople of past centuries, we understand that tile serves as both art and function. We aim to elevate the backdrops of your life. And for those, who crave a connection with the objects around them, we create meaningful, curated environments with tile as our medium. – Mercury Mosaics

This beauty of handmade tile here was paired with a new Cambria quartz countertop design, Berkshire Brass Sculpted

Softly textured brass veins, accompanied by delicate gray accents, jet across a cool, marbled white background, creating a tactile and modern appeal. They are complemented by the Brizo Oden collection of faucets and fixtures.

We paired this tile with a handful of other fabulous brands and vendors. But when it came to the tile itself, we used a gold metal edging from our local tile supplier with a raven grout color.  

Custom shower tile

The Brizo Odin Thermostatic Shower fixtures are a favorite of ours, and we use them time and time again. It’s a simple and seamless design that makes such an unexpected statement. All Delta tub and shower faucets are engineered to keep the water temperature within a safe zone.

This technology ensures your family doesn’t experience a sudden and possibly unsafe change in water temperature due to running water elsewhere in the house, e.g., a running dishwasher, a washing machine, or even flushing a toilet. Isn’t this refreshing to know?

And you can’t beat the luxe gold. These fixtures complemented the Rise tile blend perfectly. 

Shower tile inspiration

Custom shower tile inspiration

Even though all of their tiles are handmade by actual artisans, there is a difference between their custom designs and the ready-to-ship collections. Their ready-to-ship tiles are produced and ready to ship within 5-7 business days.

While their custom tile blends, such as our personal home kitchen backsplash and the Greyson collection from our #BlackLakePlace flip, and this rise collection take a bit more time. But as you can see, it’s worth the wait! 

Custom mercury mosaics backsplash

Custom backsplash

Vanity inspiration

Bathroom backsplash inspiration

Custom bathroom backsplash

Although October is their official launch date, it’s not too early to reach out to Mercury Mosaic’s tile concierge team to learn more and order samples. To make it even better, you can customize this pattern to get your very own look.

Don’t love the colors we chose? They have hundreds more blends by you that you can create alongside their team, like we love to do.  

Beautiful bathroom inspiration

Shower surround inspiration

What do you guys think? Need or want the Rise collection in your home? Contact their team today and get started on your custom design! 

Custom bathroom tile

Custom bathroom inspiration

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