Noah Bergland 1

Noah Bergland

Social Media Coordinator + SEO Strategist

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Noah is the younger brother of Morgan Molitor, the co-founder of c2s. During his senior year of high school, Noah was voted life of the party and, from that point forward, made it his mission to make people enjoy life. 

Noah will be the first to admit he is not handy with a hammer and finds himself drawn to the virtual side of the business, hence his title of Social Media Coordinator. Noah, however, is handy with a paintbrush, and c2s exploits those talents from time to time, so don’t be surprised if you catch him in the field.

Noah’s day-to-day operations will mostly be behind the scenes. For example, shooting content for social media, managing multiple social accounts, and ensuring our brand and the brands c2s represents show up on various search engines, like Google.

In his off time, you will find him traveling with his beautiful wife Anya, spending quality time with their 11-year-old daughter Melrose, and playing plenty of golf.

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