Noah Bergland helps c2s construction2style with search engine optimization seo on our website space crafting photography

Noah Bergland

Lead SEO Strategist

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Noah, the Lead SEO Strategist at construction2style, radiates boundless positivity and embodies the spirit of community within the team. His infectious energy, reminiscent of his days as the “life of the party,” continues to uplift and inspire everyone around him.

Although Noah doesn’t wield a hammer, his expertise lies in the virtual realm, especially in the realm of search engine optimization. As the Lead SEO Strategist, he ensures that construction2style’s brands, including Neon Lion and Resilience2Reform, and the 10+ brands we manage – shine brilliantly across diverse search platforms. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Noah manages day-to-day operations, creating compelling social media content, overseeing multiple accounts, and ensuring the brand’s prominence on platforms like Google, alongside other c2s affiliates.

Off-duty, Noah finds fulfillment in traveling the world with his wife, Anya, and daughters, cherishing family moments, and unwinding on the golf course. His dedication to spreading joy extends far beyond his immediate circle, making him an invaluable asset to the team and a driving force behind community initiatives. With his unwavering commitment, Noah not only elevates team dynamics but also amplifies the impact of our community outreach efforts.

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