Topher Rose 1

Topher Rose

Director, Project Management

Graduating from the University of Minnesota in the spring of 2016, Topher started full-time with construction2style. However, Topher joined the c2s crew in September of 2016 as a part-time laborer.

Topher found c2s through Instagram and got his part-time gig by shooting his shot by direct messaging them asking about part-time work. Six months later he finally heard back and was hired on shortly thereafter. 

Over the past six years, he has developed a skill set to become the c2s Director of Project Management. He oversees most of the on-site activity whether that’s managing sub-contractors or leading the guys on site. He loves the trade and enjoys the challenge that each job brings. 

Topher’s married to one fun lady and just purchased his first home and resides in St. Louis Park, MN. He loves to travel, spend time with his family and enjoys the outdoors – whether that is hunting, fishing, golfing, or hiking. A Christian man that has strong morals and values and you can see it all shine through his work at c2s. 

What’s your Sign, Enneagram or Insights Training?

Virgo, 7, Adventurer

Best childhood memory? 

My dad hitting me baseballs in our front yard and running around barefoot trying to catch them. 

One person you’d love to have lunch with?

Shaq or Billy Joel

Favorite Book or Podcast? 

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight 

If you could time travel, when would you go? 

1970s – No doubt about it.

Favorite teacher, leader or mentor and why? 

My Young life leader, Ben Dodds. He was and is always willing to meet me where I’m at and never passing judgement. He’s also the first to admit fault before calling me on my own. 



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