Topher Rose 1

Topher Rose

Project Manager

Topher is Jamie’s right hand man! Topher reached out to c2s from Instagram back in 2016 while finishing up his last year at the U of M. graduating with a degree in psychology, but had mad skills in carpentry. He quickly moved from part time to full time and has since been working tirelessly alongside Jamie.

Topher runs all of our jobs, making sure material is ordered, work is getting done and the project stays on time. He is the one that our clients see most often and is usually always the one they like the best.

You can always find Topher cracking jokes and making you laugh! He’s the one on our Instagram stories kicking down doors and talking about MTV.

“How nice is Topher?” is what our clients are always telling the rest of the crew during all of our projects. He’s a really good humble guy, married to a smart lady, knows how to make you laugh, and can build one heck of a dining room table.

For any questions on what it’s like to work with us or the status of your current project you can contact Topher!

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