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We are absolutely in love with current modern house styles!

That’s why we put together a list of our 6 favorites and the coolest examples we could find.

Modern homes can mean a lot of things. There are many trending styles right now in home architecture, and I want to share some of my favorites from last year.

Modern home design does not just mean sharp-edged, open floor-plan, minimalistic, all-white interior homes. For example, check out our plans to remodel this home’s modern interior.

The modern design falls into many categories, and in the midwest, some of them are more prominent than in other states. Beautiful modern homes commonly seen in Minnesota are farmhouses, craftsmen, ranch, log homes or lodges, cottages, contemporary, and the ever-growing, mid-century modern.

Here are 7 Types of Modern House Styles:

1. Lodge

One of our favorite types of modern house styles is this modern lodge in Shakopee, MN, by luxury modern home builders Sustainable 9. Chances are, if you don’t own one, you at least know someone who has a cabin in Minnesota, that looks like this. A-frame lodges are commonly seen, but this modern lodge on Lake O’Dowd blows those out of the water (pun intended).

It has incredible architectural lines and dynamics but still holds that cabin aesthetic with the wood, stones, and all the windows to feel like you are IN the woods. What a great example of the beautiful modern homes in Minnesota.

sustainable 9 modern house styles

2. Farmhouse

This modern take on the traditional farmhouse has us swooning! I can picture myself right now sipping my freshly brewed coffee on that porch.

This home by M House Development hasn’t missed a single farmhouse detail. Still, it has elevated the modern vibe with a black and white mixed exterior and mixed patterns, such as the board and batten on the garage door and the brick throughout the exterior.

What a beautiful example of a modern farmhouse!

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 1

3. Craftsman

The craftsman-style home has become more prominent over the last year or so. Architects and home builders have begun redesigning the craftsman and adding texture and different colors to the home’s exterior. The basic design of a craftsman-style home is a front porch, columns supporting the roof, and a sturdy bottom getting smaller on top. This look is undeniable, and you can drive through any town and you’re probably going to find one!

This modern craftsman home combines the best features of a classic craftsman home with a new and improved look while keeping that rustic element you see in classic craftsman homes. The modern great room alone is enough for you to want to pack up your belongings and move in. It is a beautiful aesthetic for a small family, with an open concept main living area complete with a kitchen, dining, and living all in the same space. I couldn’t love it more!

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 2

4. Cottage

Cottage homes date back to the middle ages when it was primarily a dwelling of farmers, laborers, or cotters, where we get the name cottage. The more you know, right?

The essential elements of a cottage include ground floor living space and sleeping spaces on the upper level, nestled within the roof’s frame. They are usually smaller and located in more rural areas, surrounded by trees and nature. Cozy! Built by Heydt Designs, this is a modern version of a classic cottage. It has the trees, the upstairs bedrooms, and the general aesthetic of a cottage but with so much more.

The bedroom balconies on the upper floor, with the port-hole windows, give it a very European feel, which is where this architecture originated. It gives the cottage a TON of natural light, even with shade from the surrounding trees.

The wood floors throughout and bright natural color scheme give it that clean, modern look but keep with the simple cottage aesthetic, making it one of the more understated and beautiful modern homes.

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 3

5. Contemporary

The rustic-but-contemporary homes in the Colorado Rockies inspired this modern contemporary home. I think they nailed it! Contemporary is a reasonably recent design and refers to the here and now rather than past eras, which modern suggests when referencing the design style.

Contemporary homes contain more color, clean lines, smooth finishes, and lighter wood. Right out the gate, this home showcases a beautiful black siding exterior that contrasts incredibly well with the stone and cedar accents.

Adding splashes of color on accent walls or exterior paint is a big part of contemporary design. This house has a jade-green closet that is the epitome of luxury and stands out from the rest.This home has added texture everywhere – from cloth wallpaper to wooden ceilings and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace. Check it out for yourself.

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 4

6. Ranch

This modern ranch in Southern California contains all the crucial elements that define it as a ranch-style home. It has one level, a low-pitch roof, a unique layout, and all the windows you could want to let in the perfect amount of natural light throughout.

The one thing that makes this ranch home a bit more modern is removing walls that would separate the rooms. Instead, they’ve got a great room configuration that centers around a beautiful modern hearth fireplace, making it an open-concept house.

The vaulted ceilings make this home nice and open, and the exterior of that great room, with the cedar siding, gives a modern asymmetrical design that you will not find on a classic ranch home.

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7. Minnesota Modern

The trick to creating an inviting modern architecture home is to juxtapose warm and cool, and that was our intention at #ArrowheadArtisan. The black metal steel, with poured concrete walls and teak throughout the exterior as well as the interior. A custom new home build that we’ve been working hard on and are bringing to market for one new lucky homeowner come spring 2023. This is a 7,800 square ft. one-of-a-kind custom spec home located in Edina, MN within Indian Hills.

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 5

Modern is a static term used to describe a specific time period, and it marks the beginning of the 20th century. Some common characteristics of this style include large windows, high gloss finish with chrome accents, explained Karen Rohr.

It also incorporates simple decor with contrast such as white or black; whereas, adding white brings expansiveness and adding black provides a feeling of elegance. Modern interior design focuses on simplicity and minimalism lifestyle.

It’s about making things clean, uncluttered, and easy to use. This aesthetic has become increasingly popular in recent years as we move away from the ornate and complicated designs of the past. Many people see minimalism as a breath of fresh air, and it’s easy to see why.

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 6

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 7

The list truly goes on and on when it comes to beautiful modern house styles. These are just a few of our favorites within some of the most popular types of modern homes in the midwest. For even more inspiration and awe, check out local modern home builders Sustainable 9 and their past, recent, and future projects. Friends of ours and even better humans in real life! 

Modern House Styles | 7 Super Cool Examples 8

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