The Best Amazon Hidden Finds

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 1

Amazon, one of our best friends! With two little boys, running a business, and all the things – time is of the essence in this household. Beyond just the everyday home essentials, I also love finding other unexpected things on Amazon. So today, we wanted to share with you 19 of our favorite Amazon finds. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone else, all of these items that will save you a load of time. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 2

Colorful Glasses

We’re all about styling with color, and these multi-color diamond pattern drink glasses would look so fun in any kitchen or bar area. Whether you’re displaying it on floating or open shelving, beyond a glass cabinet, or just simply used for entertaining, these are sure to make a statement. And give that vintage vibe too! 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 3

Teal Velvet Chevron Headboard

Full or Queen headboard for $165.00, now that is a steal! We have a green velvet headboard in our guest bedroom, and it’s still one of my favorite finds. Brings warmth into any bedroom and makes a fun statement with the chevron pattern. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 4

Dusty Rose Velvet Headboard

Twin velvet headboard that would be perfect for any little girl’s bedroom or anyone’s bedroom for that matter! We’re all about the blush pink right now and have been for some time. And this one is a whopping $110 bucks! And in dusty pink, it’s many brands’ choice for color of the year too. Especially love the detail in the vertical striping. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 5

Bohemian Bird Earrings

Earrings, one of the big things I get off of Amazon! I like fun statement earrings, and I also like to go inexpensive because I swap them up all the time. Amazon is the perfect place to find fun and one of a kind statement earrings like these bird tassel earrings. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 6


Bohemian Drop Dangle Earrings

Nine sets of earrings for $20.99, now this is the way to go! That averages $2.33 per pair, so even if you lose or break one but got one good use out of them, it’s like buying a cup of coffee in my mind. And I’ve bought well over 20 pairs of earrings off Amazon, and I have yet to break one. And those are the ones I usually get the most compliments on. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 7

High Waisted Leggings

High waisted leggings with a side pocket, what I wear five days a week. The side pocket is everything too! And you don’t have to spend a fortune to feel and look good in a pair of black leggings. These range from $20-50 on Amazon.

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 8

Natural Soy Candle Gift Set

I’ve gotten these candles as a gift, and it was the perfect thing to receive. Candles are something I love but rarely buy. And for this set of 4, it’s only $14.39. You can even break them apart and use them as little hostess gifts! Something little but very unexpected and sweet. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 9

Velvet Hair Scrunchies

You can probably tell I have a thing for velvet! And who’s loving on the hair scrunchies trend as much as us?! 

Forty-five velvet hair scrunchies only $6.25. If you have a girls’ weekend, bachelorette party, or just want a lot of scrunchies for yourself, this is them! 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 10

Ruffle Swing T-Shirt Dress

Did you know you can find a lot of fashion-forward apparel off Amazon like this dress, only for $18.99?! 

I have a girlfriend who every-time I compliment her littles’ clothes; she tells me she got them off Amazon. A place I always forget to go and look for our kids’ clothes. And they are all so adorable! 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 11

Over the Knee Suede Boots

Fall, spring, winter, or summer, I love a good over the knee suede boot! And typically, these boots cost you well over $100! But not on Amazon, you can find these for less than $40. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 12


We LOVE our Roku! It’s a streaming media player where you can watch Netflix, Hulu, and many networks you might not have only for $29.00 off of Amazon. It’s just a cheaper way to be able to watch all the shows you want for less.

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 13

QALO Silicone Wedding Bands $14.95- $24.95

Qalo Rings, these are rings that both Jamie and I wear when we’re getting our hands dirty. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 14

Erin Condren Notebook

I don’t know what it is about Erin Condren but any stationary she creates, I’m in love with. And you can find her goodies such as her notebooks on Amazon. Her work always sparks my creativity and gets my mind turning! 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 15

Cactus Planner

Who’s already getting their 2021 planned out?! Get this cactus planner for $11.99 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 16

Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

Did you know Amazon also has furniture? Love this mid-century modern hutch that could work anywhere in your home. It could be a TV stand in your living or bedroom, a hutch for your dining room, or a cabinet for your bar area! 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 17

Gold Cabinet Pulls

We get a lot of our hardware for projects off of Amazon. And this gold pull knob is one of our favorites. A set of 10 for only $12.99

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 18

30 Minute Cooking for 2 Cookbook

Our favorite cookbook from our friend Taylor is found on Amazon! This is our go-to cookbook at least three times a week. And because we’re all about time efficiency, all of the recipes take 30 minutes or less. And I just double them to feed our family of four. It also makes for the perfect bridal shower gift! And it’s only $12 bucks!

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 19

Matte Black Faucet

Another unexpected item we often source for projects is fixtures and faucets. These matte black commercial style faucet is one of our faves and have spec’d it many times and highly recommend. 

The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 20

House Plants 

I’m all about hearty house plants, meaning ones that I won’t kill. And did you know Amazon has every kind of house plant you can think of? We did a full blog post on our favorites, Easiest House Plants to Maintain, sharing the different styles that we love and have in our own home. But the ZZ house plant is the most popular one in our home. 

Ivory Printed Faux Cowhide Area Rug | construction2style

I hope you loved our round-up of our top 19 unexpected finds that you can buy off Amazon. What’s your favorite thing to get from Amazon?! We love learning about new favorites! 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to our favorite products. This adds no extra cost or harm to you. Thank you for supporting our small business. 


The Best Amazon Hidden Finds 21

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