The Best Frozen Vodka Slush Recipe

It’s 62 degrees in MN today, which means it’s basically summertime! Haha! 

We’re turning on the grill and busting out the slush’s even if sow is still on the ground. So we wanted to share with you the best frozen vodka slush you will ever drink, my Grandma Isabel’s recipe. 

This is a staple in our freezer throughout the summer months. It’s always so nice to have on hand if guests or neighbors drop by and it’s so refreshing in the sunshine! 

What’s funny is that I had never once seen my Grandma Isabel drink, but somehow she made my favorite drink around! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do. 

Yield: 5 quarts

Vodka Slush

Vodka Slush

A tastefully refreshing drink not just for a summer night, but all year round when needing to quench that thirst.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 1 days
Total Time 1 days 10 minutes


  • 7 cups of water and 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups of water and 4 green tea bags
  • 12 oz Orange Juice concentrate (thawed)
  • 12 oz Lemonade concentrated (thawed)'
  • 2 cups Vodka
  • Mixer - 7up or Ginger Ale
  • 5-quart​ container (we like to use a 5 qt ice cream bucket with the lid)


  1. Make simple syrup by brining the 7 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar to a soft boil, turn off and cool.
  2. Steep the 4 green tea bags in 2 cups of water - bring to a hard boil, turn off and add tea bags, steep for 5 minutes and cool completely.
  3. Once both solutions are cooled mix container with orange juice concentrate, lemonade concentrate and vodka.
  4. Freeze mixture overnight (vodka will prevent the mixture from freezing solid).
  5. Mix slush thoroughly in the container to distribute evenly.
  6. Scoop slush in a glass and add mixer (7up or Ginger Ale) to dilute.
  7. Enjoy!
All of the ingredients you need right here! Green tea, sugar, frozen lemonade, frozen orange juice, vodka and a mixer. And I always have extra frozen concentrate on hand as we’re going through this quickly in the summertime! 

Once you follow the instruction and mix up all of the ingredients then you’ll put it into a gallon bucket to freeze overnight. We also use an old ice cream pail. And as you can see after the 24 hours is up, it gives the perfect slushy consistency. And it won’t freeze because of the vodka! 

You’ll also want something to dilute the slush once the mixture is frozen. I usually get either 7up or Ginger-ale. I prefer Ginger-ale, I think it gives it a little bit more flavor.  

And enjoy! And great ready for your this to be your ever changing summer life! 

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