#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor

#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor 1

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We recently had the pleasure of transforming a home on Jersey Avenue, creating a beautifully remodeled kitchen and living room that embodies simple, classic, and timeless style. Our goal was to design spaces that are not only functional but also warm and inviting, reflecting the homeowners’ love for clean lines and elegant decor. Here’s a closer look at the elements and decor pieces that brought this project to life.

Living Room Styling: Elegant Simplicity

In the living room, we focused on creating a cozy yet sophisticated environment. The key to achieving this balance was in the details and thoughtful selection of decor items.

Shelves Styling:

  • Fabric Storage Box with Leather Strap: These versatile storage boxes are perfect for keeping things tidy while adding a touch of rustic charm. The leather strap adds a bit of texture and interest, making them both functional and stylish.
  • Easy to Grow Indoor Plants: Incorporating greenery is a must for any living space. We selected easy-to-grow indoor plants that not only purify the air but also bring life and color to the room. A few of our favorites include the ever-popular snake plant and the lush pothos.
  • White Vases: Simple yet elegant, white vases are perfect for displaying fresh flowers or even as standalone decor pieces. We used a set of three that are priced at $33.99, which provided a cohesive look across the room.

#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor 2

Furniture and Accessories:

  • We opted for a neutral color palette for the furniture, with a soft gray sofa and matching armchairs. This choice not only makes the space feel airy and light but also provides a perfect backdrop for adding colorful accents.
  • Throw pillows and cozy blankets in muted tones and natural fabrics enhance the room’s comfort without overwhelming the simple aesthetic.

#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor 3

Fabric Storage Box with Leather Strap

Shop Easy to Grow Indoor Plants

  1. 3 pack $33.99, white vase
  2. tropical grows up to 3′ tall
  3. Mini Monsterra |

#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor 4

Kitchen Styling: Open Shelving Brilliance

The kitchen remodel focused on open shelving, which is both a practical and stylish choice. Open shelves provide easy access to everyday items while allowing the opportunity to showcase beautiful kitchenware and decor.

Open Shelving Decor:

  • Tropical Plants in White Vases: Bringing the outdoors in, we used tropical plants that grow up to 3 feet tall, placed in sleek white vases. These plants add a touch of exotic beauty and freshness to the kitchen space.
  • Mini Monstera: Known for its unique split leaves, the Mini Monstera is a fantastic plant that fits perfectly on open shelves. It’s low-maintenance and makes a bold statement.
  • Functional Storage: We used fabric storage boxes with leather straps here as well to keep pantry items organized. Their rustic look complements the wooden shelves beautifully.

#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor 5

Kitchen Accessories:

  • Ceramic Dishes and Glassware: Displaying everyday items like ceramic dishes and elegant glassware on open shelves adds both functionality and a touch of sophistication. We chose pieces with simple lines and neutral colors to maintain the classic look.
  • Cookbooks and Cutting Boards: A selection of favorite cookbooks and wooden cutting boards adds a personal touch to the kitchen decor, making it feel lived-in and welcoming.

#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor 6

#TheJerseyAve Living Room & Kitchen Decor 7

Bringing it All Together

The #TheJerseyAve project showcases how thoughtful decor choices can transform living spaces into timeless, elegant havens. By focusing on classic elements and simple styling, we created rooms that are both beautiful and functional. Here’s a quick recap of the goodies we used to achieve this look:

  • Fabric Storage Box with Leather Strap: Versatile and stylish storage solution.
  • Easy to Grow Indoor Plants: Lush greenery to brighten up the spaces.
  • White Vases: Elegant and cohesive decor items.
  • Mini Monstera: Unique plant for a touch of exotic beauty.
  • Ceramic Dishes and Glassware: Functional and sophisticated kitchenware.
  • Cookbooks and Cutting Boards: Personal and practical kitchen decor.

This project was a joy to design, and we hope it inspires you to create your own classic and timeless spaces at home. Stay tuned for more transformations and styling tips! 

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