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Hey friends!

Today we wanted to get a group of our favorite mommy blogger friends together, and all share and talk about some of our top baby and kid toys. If you’re new to our blog, we have two little dudes, Greyson (4) and Beckam (2). Some of the toys I’m going to share today are ones they had and loved when they were just babies, ones now that they are toddlers, good kid gift ideas, and of course some of our friends’ favorites.

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We’re joined today by some of my favorite bloggers, in which I’ll reference some of their favorites too. But once you’re done here, make sure to hop on over to their blog posts (linked below) because they have a whole new slew of toys their littles loved just for you.

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Over 100 Top Toys for Toddlers | construction2style

1. Wooden Appliances

First up, our favorite wooden appliances.

Our boys have always loved helping mommy cook! And sometimes, especially with Beckam (who is 2), no one’s got time for that after a long day at work, and all you want to do is get dinner made fast because you are haaaangry!

These classic wooden appliances have been the perfect distraction for our littles while still making them feel like they are actually using mommy’s cooking appliances to help me! The plastic appliances and fake food no longer fools Greyson who’s four, and these actually make it look and feel real.

Plus they’re so adorable they work for kitchen decor and make for some stylish countertops!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 3

2. Wood Toy Workbench 

Our boys love coming to work with us and are always want to be outside in the shop with daddy getting creative and learning about all his cool tools alongside him.

These wood toy workbenches are not only adorable, but they’re also able actually to hammer away being they are made out of real wood. Being made out of wood instead of plastic has helped the longevity of it too.

Adorable and practical kid toys | construction2style

3. Tool Trolley

And for all those DIY babies on the go, the tool trolley is the way to go!

Pottery Barn always has not only the most stylish but good quality pieces for kids too! And as you know, when it comes to kids, you need durable pieces, or it’ll be destroyed and gone in no time.

Love this adorable tool trolley from Pottery Barn for all of those DIY babies out there! This way, your kids can wheel this trolley around from job to job throughout your shop or home.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 4

4. Dirtbike

Being I have two little boys and their daddy’s passion is riding dirt bikes, their favorite toy since they were about one year old have been these mini dirt bike toys.

They seriously even have some that are broken in half and they love playing mechanic on them and spend hours trying to put them back together. Haha!

And best part you can buy them for $14. Let’s just say…we have more than one! Now that Greyson is four and going on five real quick, it’s still one of his favorites, and I have a feeling these $14 finds will be a favorite toy of theirs for years to come!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 5



5. Activity Walker

Another brand that makes beautifully designed toys is Tender Leaf Toys and, as a bonus, they promote learning through play. Traditional in concept but contemporary in design, they make all of their products with a focus on craftsmanship and quality.

Even better, all of their toys are made from sustainable rubber wood and for every tree that becomes a beautiful toy, another is planted. Isn’t that cool?

Tender Leaf Walker | Wooden Walker | Favorite Baby Toys | construction2style

6. Make A Face

According to my girl Erin from Francois Et Moi, ‘Make A Face’ toy from Moon Picnic is one of her faves for her girl, Sylvie. She states, “It’s a puzzle that also teaches little ones about the full range of human emotion. Great product design and made of wood!”
Make sure to check out more of Erin’s favorites here. 
MoonPicnic-Make-A-Face favorite baby toys | construction2style

7. Very First Book of Things to Spot

This was Greyson’s and now Beckam’s favorite book. And what I love about it is that it’s educational and you don’t have to read a novel! Call me lazy, but sometimes I am just tired…and reading 10 books before bed puts me to sleep. Ha!
With this book, you can just cuddle in with them, ask them to spot things and they try to find the things you tell them to find. It always wakes you up, because the excitement they bring once they find what they were looking for just lights you up! It’s the sweetest!
Greyson was two when he was really into it and now that Beckam’s two, it’s his favorite too and still one of Greyson’s at four. And they love to just sit and play with it too with one another without anyone having to read it to them.
Top Baby Toys for 2022 6

8. Kidoozie Double X Track Build-A-Road

These tracks are pretty amazing! Greyson got it for his 1st birthday, and we’ve just kept adding to it. You can buy the tracks, bridges, and all sorts of other cool things to accessorize it. They love building their track, and they are really easy to clip together. Best part is that it comes apart when it’s clean up time. Otherwise tracks have been a pretty big thing for us to store. I love that we can un-click the parts and store it in a small area. And it’s pretty cool to see the boys come up their own clever ideas on how to build their own tracks. Most times, they think of really smart ways that would have never crossed our minds!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 7

Once both my boys hit 1 1/2 anything with a motor on it was what became their new obsession! This was one of the first motorized toys we got for Greyson, and luckily it’s stayed in working condition now for four years. It’s a little bit more spendy, but it’s also quality. And our boys got red instead of pink, but I like the pink better.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 8

10. Toy RZR

And of course, they also have the toy mini Polaris RZR version too and love this just as much. This one costs you under $15, and if your boys are as rough as ours, you may need a few. Greyson totaled his but what I love is that they both love to learn and actually try to work on it and put it back together. They haven’t been succeeding at that lately but refuse to let us throw them away!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 9

11. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

According to my girl, Taylor at Green & Chocolate, “this toy is used for so many things in our house! In the winter, we keep it in the basement as another container for toys.  In the summer, it’s outside for the boys to push around their toys. It was especially useful when they were learning to walk, and we needed something a little more durable for outside for them to help them along.  Now that they are both super mobile and sturdy, they enjoy pushing each other around in it!”

Check out more of Taylor’s kid favorite toys, here.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 10

12. Crazy Fort

Another favorite of Taylor’s boys is the crazy fort! And this is one that I’m adding to our list because I already know how much fun Greyson and Beckam would have with this thing.

She said, “Lars first played with Crazy Forts with our neighbors, and he really loved it!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to different kinds of forts you can make, and I think it will be a really fun winter activity for playing in the basement.”

Check out more of Taylor’s kid favorite toys, here.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 11

13. Kids Golf Set

I mean, can get this get any cuter and for under $10?! This golf set costs a whole whopping $8, and it was one of Greyson’s favorite gifts. I think it’s pretty gender neutral too!

We gave Greyson his first golf set when he was 2 years old and he loves hitting the course with daddy or practicing outside. It’s only a matter of time before Greyson is getting the real clubs and these will be passed down to Beckam.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 12

14. Croquet Set

This is one of my favorite “kid” toys because it’s one the whole family can and enjoys playing! And how cute and colorful…fun for the entire family that costs less than $30.

Our little dudes love being outside so any outside game we can buy we’re all about it!

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15. Strider Bike

The Strider bike has been Taylor’s from Greens-n-Chocolate favorite toy for their kids.  She said, “We started each of them on it around 18 months, and my oldest was riding a two-wheeler bike without training wheels by his third birthday.  We love the Strider bike because it teaches them balance, the concept of biking, and burns off some of that toddler energy!”

Hop on over to check out more of Taylor’s favorites on her blog here.

And we couldn’t agree more with Taylor! Our little dudes have been riding their Strider bikes around since before they could walk.

Another reason why I love the Strider bike is that they can use them in our house. So for all you MN folks who want to keep your boys busy during the winter months, the Strider bike is where it’s at to keep them active while being cooped up.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 14


16. Subrosa Kid Pedal Bike

From being trained on the strider bike, Greyson was then able to go straight from a strider back to an actual bike with pedals! He never once had to have training wheels. It only took us a couple tries of getting him balanced and pushing him off, and he was pedaling away!

Being the BMX’er that Jamie is, he knew what cool kid bike a three-year-old had to have at it was the brand, Subrosa. They are pretty darn cute too!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 15

Top Baby Toys for 2022 16

17. Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Pottery Barn Kids is one of my favorite places to register or shop for anything baby or kid related. And this Sophie the Giraffe Teether from them is one of our favorites.

Our boys both loved Sophie the Giraffe and but with the teether, they loved it even more at an earlier age because they were not only able to easily grab onto it but eat it too.

sophie the giraffe teether | favorite baby toys

18. Fun on the Farm Stacker

Our boys, even now that Greyson is four years old, love stacking toys or pillows. And even better yet, love jumping on stacked anything!

These farm animals from Pottery Barn are the cutest! Stackable, they can jump and play on without getting hurt, and they’re stylish too.

Because we all know that toys don’t stay put along for too long and before we know it they are covering your floors in your home.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 17

19. Yamaha PW 50

Jamie got Greyson his first PW 50 when he was just two years old, and Beckam one before he was even born. Ha! But these have been not only one of our boys’ favorite toys, but mommy’s and daddy’s too!

Never in my life would I have thought that I would ride dirtbikes around our yard almost every night with our little dudes.

When they’re young, the cool thing is that you can get training wheels for the bikes. When Greyson was just two years old, he was able to drive his PW 50 around without any of our help.

Beckam is getting there, but he doesn’t quite yet like when mommy or daddy get off the back, and he has to go alone.

I have to admit; this was one of the best investment toys for our family of four!

100 Top Toys for Toddlers | construction2style

Top Baby Toys for 2022 18

20. Cross Stitch Friends Craft Project

Another one of Erin’s favorites are these cross stitch friends. Erin says, ” these are fantastic for developing creativity, fine motor skills, and darn-it, they’re cute aren’t they?

I couldn’t agree more with her, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this on her list. How adorable and even a craft I know Greyson would love.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 19

21. 4moms rockaRoo

We got this rocker as a gift at one of our showers when we were expecting Greyson, our first. It was one of the nicest gifts we received! High quality, stylish, and durable.

The 4moms rockaRoo was one of the best things to lay our newborn in and help rock them to sleep. Both of our boys would sit in this for hours, sleeping or awake.

We even had blowouts, spit ups, and spills in it, and everything came out perfectly clean with the removable fabric. And the reversible and removable toy balls the boys stared at or played with nonstop.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 20


22. Hippo Rocker

Our boys love any toy that they can get up and play on including a rocker! Crate and Barrel has a ton of different animals made into rockers, and I love them all!

This hippo is one of my favorites; it is so plush and soft and big enough for both boys to hop on and ride along on. I also love the details in the wood accents.

Yet again, another adorable and stylish toy that you can leave it and not hide in a closet.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 21

23. Summer Fun Play Tent

I cannot get over Erin’s list of all of her favorite toys, they are all so classic and timeless and would make for the perfect gifts for your littles. Be sure to hop on over and check out all of her top 25 favorites!

This Summer Fun Play tent is another one of her favorites that I’m adding to my own list to buy for friends and family.

Erin says, “Let the backyard memories begin! Here’s another fabulous fort option for little campers. Great design, and once assembled, set-up and take down is a breeze.

You really can’t go wrong with Hearth & Hand’s designs!”

Top Baby Toys for 2022 22

24. Critter Teeth Rattles

I mean how adorable are these critter teeth rattles from Pottery Barn that come in both a pig or hippo and only for $19.

Our little dudes always want something in their hands and to play with since they were just three months old, and these stylish things were one of their favorites. And easy to clean!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 23

25. McDonald’s Kid Toys

I blame too much YouTube for Greyson and Beckam being so obsessed with McDonald’s. Ha! They are always asking to go and eat there, and when they’re not, they like to play pretend and make their own drive up window to have us serve them food.

And boy, can they tell the difference between McDonald’s play food and what groceries we have in our pantry.

This McDonald’s kid food makes for the perfect toy and also helps to not bring them to McDonald’s. They’re content when they can just pretend.

And better yet, we got it from Amazon.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 24

26. Jumbo Plush Giraffe

My friend Ana from Primp & Prime always has the best style and never disappoints with the cuteness overload in her kids and their toy game style. One of her daughter’s favorites is the Jump Plush Giraffe from Pottery Barn Kids.

Ana said, “Ava received this jumbo plush Giraffe by Melissa and Doug as a gift for a first birthday. It has become a staple in her room.

Not only is the giraffe a great décor item, it has made her room a fun animal kingdom. I love how lifelike the spotted coat and long eyelashes make the giraffe so lovable.”

Top baby toys | construction2style

27. Walker & Wagon Toy

Our boys love playing outside and helping mommy do the garden and daddy mow. This adorable little walker and wagon make for the perfect helping hand toy for Greyson and Beckam.

Beckam even thinks it’s his little lawn mower and loves even more that he can throw whatever he wants into it and push and pull it around. Rarely do they actually sit inside of it because it’s usually too full with all their supplies for those little helping hands.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 25


28. Unicorn Chalk 

Another one of Ana’s favorites is one I’ve never seen before is the Unicorn Chalk. I mean how cute of a gift for a special little girl?!

Ana says, “My girls and I love to use chalk in the summer. We spend hours on our drive-way making large scale drawings and creating hopscotches. 

I just discovered this fun unicorn chalk and was blown away at how vibrant the colors are on the sidewalk. Plus the shape is very easy for my two year old to grip and color with.”

And make sure to head over to Ana’s post too for LOTS more favorite goodies that her girls love that isn’t mentioned in this post.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 26


29. Toy Doll House

Doll houses aren’t just made for the girls, but boys too! And how adorable is this little Magnolia toy doll house that you can buy at Target?!

Future carpenters in the making in our home and this looks like a pretty good new home build if you ask me. Haha!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 27

30. Feminist Board Book Set

 Ana has so many great ideas for her little girls and their favorite toys! Here’s just one more, the Feminist Board Book Set.

She says, “I just ran across this Feminist Board Book set by Mudpuppy and I had to get it.  I want my girls to always know that they have the power to do anything they want to do and this set depicts some of the most important women in our history. 

The pages are beautifully illustrated and are so colorful. Some of the women depicted in the mini books are Harriet Tubman, Hillary Clinton, Indria Gandhi, Sally Ride, and more.” 

And she has 20 more awesome kid/baby toy ideas for your littles or as a special gift so make sure to jump on over to her full blog post too here –> Ana’s Favorite Kid Toys. 

Top Baby Toys for 2022 28

31. Wooden Lawn Bowling Game Set

Boys will be boys, and our boys are all boy,  they love knocking whatever they can down! So what better toy than an actual lawn bowling set.

And yet again, Magnolia hit it out of the park with the stylish kid toys they keep on making. Not only do the kids love to use these but when we have parties, the adults too.

Makes for a fun-filled afternoon hanging outside and playing all the games.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 29

32. Toy Grill Set

You guys all know my bestie Jen, from Paisley & Sparrow, and she’s joining in on this favorite toy blog hop too! And she always has the best home style, so her kid/baby toys don’t disappoint either.

This is one of my favorite’s, because if you’re kids are like ours, they always want to help grill and play outside. So what a perfect kid toy for those summer nights!

Jen says, “How fun is this little grill? Kids love playing make believe and keeping them occupied and having fun while mom or dad is grilling outside is an added bonus!”

Make sure to hop on over to her blog to catch all of her other loads of kids favorites –> HERE.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 30

33. Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

Like Jen’s kids, from Paisley and Sparrow, this is one of our boys favorites too! They both make Jamie and I read it to them at least once a day. And pretty fitting for our family too. 

Jen said it’s one of her kids favorites becuase, “As a parent it’s equally important to find books that you love as much as your kids – especially if it becomes their favorite and they want you to read it over and over and over and over!

This is one book that’s family friendly and parent approved. It’s a fun read for everyone!”

Top Baby Toys for 2022 31

34. Remo Rhythm Sticks

Last of one of my favorites from Jen’s, from Paisley & Sparrow, picks is the remo rhythm sticks! I never even thought about buying this for our kids but recently they’ve been taking music classes and these sticks are definitely one of Beckam’s favorites! 

Jen says, “My kids have a pair of rhythm sticks from an Indian wedding we attended a while back. There are so many uses for rhythm sticks – not just for making music! These are a definite must have.”

Make sure to head on over to Jen’s full blog post –> HERE <– of her kids favorite toys too, because she has 30+ more waiting for you that are one of a kind toys that I would have never thought of!

Top Baby Toys for 2022 32

35. Little Dentist Set

We don’t own this, but now that our little guys are seeing the dentist regularly I think we need it and it’d make for the perfect gift!

We’re constantly telling Greyson he has sugar bugs on his teeth and that he needs to brush while Beckam loves brushing his teeth.

The more play we can teach our kids for practical real life things, the better if you ask me. I know our boys would love playing with one another with one of these little dentist kits.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 33

36. Kids Food Truck

How adorable is this kid’s food truck that my friend, Jena, from Spoonful of Faith’s kids love?! She’s joining in on the blog hop fun and put together her own post of all of her kid’s favorite toys, so make sure to hop on over to her blog post too to read up on. 

Jena says, “I was probably more excited about this at first than the kids! We got this for Layla’s birthday and it is such a fun way for her and AJ to play together. It comes with easy directions and we like to pop it up for a couple days and then store it back in the box until next time. They use it in conjunction with other food toy sets we have bought in the past. My favorite parts are the cut roll up windows and fun design. It is exactly the same on both sides of the truck which means both of them can “sell” at the same time!”

Top Baby Toys for 2022 34


37. Little Tikes Trampoline 

We got this trampoline for our boys for playing inside when they were just two and use it almost every day. It’s 3′ so it doesn’t take up a ton of space and get those kids tuckered out for bed while keeping them active during those long winter months.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 35


38. Melissa & Doug Wooden Make-a-Cake Mixer Set

Another one of Jena’s favorites is the wooden mixer set, which I thought was adorable! 

“Layla has always loved playing with kitchen and cooking toys. This Since my sister is a baker, they’d spend time in the kitchen and this toy would tag along. I love how the mixer twirls and it makes for a lot of imaginative play. It’s still a toy she plays with years later because its Melissa & Doug and they have great quality, long lasting toys.”

Make sure to hop on over to Spoonful of Faith to read all about her other favorites too –> HERE.

Top Baby Toys for 2022 36


39. Inflatable Dino Sprinkler

How much fun is this Dino sprinkler from Pottery Barn?! Although we don’t own it, I’m adding it to the gift list for our little dudes!

There is nothing more fun that my boys love than being outside and running around and playing in the water. And what better toy than a toy sprinkler? 

And 100% our dudes would be jumping and trying to ride this thing in no time, I’m certain they’d be kept busy the entire day! 

Top Baby Toys for 2022 37

40. Grave Digger Remote Control Monster Truck

I just asked Greyson (4) what his favorite toy was and he replied, “remote control monster truck. Well, actually it’s not my favorite toy because I don’t have it and well, actually, mom, I’d like to get it for my 5th birthday please.” 

LOL! Kids say the funniest things! So I guess, this will soon be his favorite toy! 

And he’s counting down the days until he gets to go back to Monster Jam again

Top Baby Toys for 2022 38

And there you have it, our top 40 favorite baby and kid toys!! Now hop on over to our friends to check out their blogs on their top favorite baby toys…

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  2. Erin at Francois et Moi
  3. Taylor at Greens-N-Chocolate
  4. Ana at Primp and Prime
  5. Jena from A Spoon Full of Faith








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