Unique Things to do in Duluth, MN

Unique Things to Do in Duluth MN | construction2style

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A couple of weekends ago, my girlfriends and I decided to have a little girls weekend getaway. Our hubbies started going on an annual golf trip, so we decided we should start the same yearly tradition. Except after this weekend, we decided we’re going to do something different each year.

For our first little get-a-away, we snuck away to Duluth, MN. We had such a great time, and all of us agreed on the way home that not one place we stayed or went was a disappointment. We tried a new place and also went back to some of our old favorite places, so I wanted to chat through all the cool places we checked out if you’re looking for new, unique things to do for a little time away.

Pier B Resort

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We stayed at Pier B Resort, which wasn’t the first time for all of us, but we all decided that we don’t think we’ll be staying anywhere else any more times we come back to Duluth. Besides the view at the hotel, what we loved about it is our room had a walk out to fresh green grass where we could hang out, fire pits to chill by, and a hot tub to soak in. And it was all right along the water. They also gave you unlimited free s’mores for the fire-pits at night, which made for the perfect treat!

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The Rathskeller Speakeasy Bar

I love a good speakeasy bar, and the Rathskeller in Duluth was so much fun! It was down a back alley and almost felt like we were in an underground cave. And the drinks were beyond delicious too!

The Rathskeller Duluth, MN | construction2style


Duluth Grill

Natural, organic, and veggies grown right from their parking lot, the Duluth Grill is must eat at while in Duluth. It was so good we went more than once in the two days we were there. You can even buy and take the food home with you! We bought home some of their bacon and jam.

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Canal Park

There are always a ton of fun things to do just simply walking around Canal Park. I could literally do nothing but just sit there and watch the water and be happy! That’s one of our favorite things about Duluth, and Canal Park is watching all the ships come in. We spent the afternoon not only walking around but also checking out some of their cute shops. And there is no shortage of good bars and restaurants down there too.

PortLand Maltshop

It was my first time at The Portland Maltshop and how adorable is this place?!

unique things to do in duluth, MN | PortLand Ice Cream | construction2style

Favorite Breweries

I love a good microbrew so any chance I have I’m always checking out the top breweries in new stomping grounds! So here are just a few of our favorite breweries that we always hit up in Duluth, MN.


Fitgers has always been one of my favorite breweries! When I moved back to Minnesota from California, my first job was working at Townhall Brewery in Minneapolis. I worked there for over five years and loved every minute of it. The head brewer at Townhall, Hoops, was brother’s with the head brewer at the time at Fitgers, so they had similar brews, which I loved!

Fitgers also has a lot of history in Duluth, dating back to 1857.

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Hoops Brewery

Fast forward to today, after Hoops left Fitgers he opened his own brewery on Canal Park which is Hoops Brewery! The Hoops Brewing Company was established in 2015 by owner Dave Hoops. After 25 years as a ground-breaking craft brewer in three states, Hoops knew it was time to realize his dream: Hoops Brewing in Duluth, MN.

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Canal Park Brewing

Canal Park brewery gives you the full effect of Canal Park being it’s right along the water, and it has some delicious brews and food too! Every time we’ve been to Canal Park Brewing it’s been so busy we usually just end up sitting at the bar. I love the atmosphere of this place because unlike a lot of the breweries in Duluth, this one has a large patio and, like I said, a pretty good view of the water.

Unique Things to do in Duluth, MN 4

There are a lot of other fabulous things to do in Duluth, but these are our favorite things to do for a quick weekend while in Duluth that we never not hit up while we’re there.

I always feel so refreshed and full of life after I come home from Duluth. I think it’s a combination of the people, the nature, the atmosphere, and of course the fresh air of that lake!

Unique Things to Do in Duluth, MN | construction2style



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