Valentine’s Gift Guide | For Kids

Valentine's Gift Guide | For Kids 1

Valentine’s Day is such a fun time to make it a special day for your kids. They love bringing candy and cards to their friends and we’re sharing some of our favorites you can gift them! 

Gifts for Your Kiddos

Valentine's Gift Guide | For Kids 2

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1. You Make My Heart Skip a Beat Sweatshirt| 2. Purple Heart Shirt | 3. Heart Breaker Sweatshirt | 4. Video Game Controller Chocolate | 5. Craft Kit | 6. Nail Kit | 7. Painting Unicorn Kit | 8. Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse Book | 9. Art Notepad | 10. Love your Melon baby beenie | 11. Fleece plaid pajamas

Valentine's Gift Guide | For Kids 3

Valentine’s Card Printable For Your Kiddos

We love being able to share how thankful we are for the people that watch our kids, teach them, and hang out with them. Last year, our boys took these “Building Me Up” Valentine’s and Lego bags to school and they were a big hit. 

Valentine's Gift Guide | For Kids 4

If you’re wanting to use these cards for your kiddos and their friends or teachers, download the “Building Me Up Valentine” print HERE!

Valentine's Kids Print | construction2style



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Valentine's Gift Guide | For Kids 5

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