5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Hidden Microwave

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Hidden Microwave 1

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When it comes to appliances in your kitchen, there’s one you use often but want to hide away the most. Of course, I am talking about your microwave! If you don’t like how ordinary microwaves look, a hidden microwave is perfect for you. This appliance has been used above the range as a hood/microwave combo for many years.

However, after talking to many of our clients, we discovered a new solution is needed. Not only does the microwave not vent as well as a hood, but it’s also not the safest spot if something hot is on the stovetop.

When designing kitchens for our clients, our primary goal is to figure out the best spot for the microwave, which is not in plain sight but also works well for their lifestyle.

While hiding it in a cabinet works for some, others want it more accessible. Today, we will walk through five places to incorporate your hidden microwave so it’s not the stumbling block in your kitchen.

Hidden Microwave in an Appliance Garage

In Morgan & Jamie’s kitchen, they went the route of putting their microwave in an appliance garage. Since they weren’t looking for a state of the art microwave and only needed a small one to get the job done, this is the perfect spot. Hiding it away makes the look not as important, which helps keep the cost down.


The GE microwave below is only $350.

 What to Expect During the Countertop Phase of your Project | construction2stye 

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Microwave | construction2style


The benefit of a hidden microwave is that it’s not seen if it’s not in use. It also saves space on your counter or in your island for more storage space since they’re typically smaller sized microwaves when in a cabinet.

You can usually also get a less expensive microwave since it’s only for function and doesn’t need to match all your other appliances when it’s hidden away.


Typically, microwaves have to be on the smaller side to fit in the cabinet. So if you’re someone that microwaves everything, you may want to consider something larger.

Also, if you’re using the hidden microwave a lot, having it behind doors probably isn’t the best solution for your kitchen.

Wooden kitchen cabinet idea | construction2style

Drawer Microwave

In food blogger Greens & Chocolate’s kitchen below, our clients were looking to have a hidden microwave with a drawer. You access these microwaves by buttons on the top and a drawer that slides out.

With this design, you do not have to bend down to open the door. Since these microwaves are more complex, they are more expensive than other options but make a big difference in functionality.


This Sharp drawer microwave comes in a little over $1,000.

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Microwave | construction2style


The benefit of this is that the hidden microwave is under the countertop and out of sight. It also has great functionality by being able to be opened by the touch of a button and a mechanism that slides it out.

You can also access it by pulling on the handle as well. The controls flip in and out, so they’re not in sight when the microwave isn’t in use, making it look modern and seamless.


The main con of a drawer microwave is that the cost is higher due to the extra mechanisms of it sliding out.

In The Island

We love being able to incorporate microwaves into the island whenever possible! It’s a great spot to hide this appliance, but still have it very accessible. 

For this cabin kitchen refresh, our clients got a completely new island that was designed to have optimal storage and functionality. The microwave was built into the island, but instead of a drawer function, it’s the same as if it would be on top of the counter.

It keeps it at a lower price point, but also looks higher-end incorporated into the island than just sitting on the counter. This LG counter microwave is only $220 but has a sleek and modern look.

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Microwave | construction2style


The great thing about having a hidden microwave in your island is that it’s below your sightline, so it doesn’t become a focal point in your kitchen. It also frees up space on the perimeter for other storage and appliances. Incorporating it into the island provides a more built-in look as well.


If you have kids, this is perfect for their height, so it may be a problem if they want to mess with it. Also, if you do not want to bend over to open the door or get your food, you may want to consider a different option.

Built Into Cabinetry

Another great way to incorporate your microwave is to build it in as part of your cabinets. This makes it at a height that’s easy to access and can be incorporated into a tall cabinet, making it look more custom.

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Hidden Microwave 2

For this kitchen, our clients had limited space for the layout of their kitchen, and by incorporating their microwave into the cabinet, they were able to free up countertop space. Below the microwave is a cabinet that sits on the countertop and houses smaller appliances like a toaster and coffee maker.


For these countertop microwaves and trim kits, the total comes to about $500.

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Hidden Microwave 3


The benefit of a built-in microwave is that you can incorporate other appliances below, allowing them to be hidden away, giving the kitchen a clean look. Also, you can have all of the taller elements of your kitchen in a row like a fridge, pantry, and microwave cabinet. The height of this microwave is easy to access as well.


With this microwave, it’s more in your sightline since it’s not below the counter or a hidden microwave in a cabinet. Also, you’ll want to buy a trim kit in addition to the microwave to give it that finished look.

What to Expect During the Countertop Phase of your Project | construction2stye

Oven/Microwave Combo

If you’re looking for a high-end look, the oven and microwave combo is a great fit. This especially works well if you have a cooktop on your island or separate from your oven.

With these microwaves, you can get more features, like a convection oven that provides more options for cooking as well. In this main level remodel, our clients went with an induction cooktop and wanted to incorporate the microwave on the end cabinet with the oven, and it looks stunning.

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Hidden Microwave 4

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Microwave | construction2style 


This KitchenAid microwave/oven combo runs around $2,800, but that includes both the oven and microwave price.

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Microwave | construction2style


The benefit of this microwave/oven combination is that it has a luxury look and fits into your cabinet, giving it that built-in look. These microwaves often come with convection, providing additional cooking options.


Since it’s a combo unit, it can be more expensive, and you’ll have to have the space to be able to have a cooktop, plus a microwave/oven combination.

5 Creative Places to Incorporate a Hidden Microwave 5

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But you did not mention that you could put in in the pantry ! Just install an out key and it hidden and easy to access . Problem solved


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