5 Quick and Easy Room Décor Updates

Thank you to Jennifer Riner of Zillow for sharing some quick and easy DIY decor ideas.
Around this time of year, many homeowners and renters spruce up their interiors to reflect the changing seasons or simply to give drab interiors a much-needed facelift. But, many design-inspired individuals hesitate to change anything because they erroneously assume all upgrades cost time and money. You can give your home’s design a boost without breaking the bank, or causing you stress.

Here are five simple yet effective strategies to change the feel of your home – fast.

1. Paint Vinyl Floors

Paint isn’t only for the walls. If you can’t afford to install new flooring but are tired of your dated linoleum, try painting it a neutral color for a classic look. Even fake brick-like patterns can be masked with stripes or herringbone patterns. Just be sure to match the style of the room so you aren’t forced to buy new décor to flow with the floors. Patterns are best used in small spaces like bathrooms, mudrooms and kitchens, while solid colors are more appropriate for living spaces.

2. Add Accents to Your Ceiling

Bright, white walls are currently a trend amongst modern, Scandinavian-style fans as they make spaces appear large and fresh. But, stark white can be a bit boring when used all over the home. If you like your walls plain but want to add some fun flair, try painting your ceiling in a dark shade. Matte gray ceilings provide a balance between fun and traditional, so you won’t have to repaint if you’re trying to sell your home in the future. For more private areas, you could opt for a bright, glossy finish on the ceilings, as long as you don’t already have contrasting wall colors.

Vintage Chandeliers with ceiling Panel

3. Paint or Restain Your Furniture

Furniture is expensive, and replacing those ‘90s oak-colored cabinets and dressers won’t be easy on your wallet. Instead, cover them in chalk paint, which also helps mask holes and scuffs. If you prefer to have a natural finish, you can also stain your furniture so it looks more expensive. Spray stripper from a hardware store costs under $40. After scraping off the varnish, just sand down and apply new stain in the shade of your choice. It’s best to go lighter and apply more layers if you’re unsure of how dark you wish the piece to be in the end.


4. Frame Your Bathroom Mirrors

You don’t have to purchase a whole new mirror to create a glamorous bathroom. Instead, just use trim to frame your existing mirror. The trim will instantly make mirrors look customized, adding a luxurious feel to an often overlooked area.

5. Swap out Your Hardware

Whether it be on your kitchen cabinets, furnishings or doorways, dated hardware is an eyesore in an otherwise well-designed room. For cheaper finds, look at antique stores and Goodwill. Keep in mind, if you like the style but not the color, you have the option of painting metallic hues on hardware pieces with spray paint. In fact, if you like your current hardware but hate the finish, just remove, prime, spray, dry and reinstall.

With a little creativity, you can replicate expensive looks without saving up for extensive renovations. Check out Zillow Digs for more design ideas in your favorite styles, from traditional home styles to all out eclectic interior design.

Shabby Chic Dresser

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