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5 Steps to Making Money through Affiliate Marketing from Your Blog

I’m co-hosting my first blog workshop today with Jeannine Pohl at Block Studios, and I couldn’t be more excited. Surrounding myself with other creatives in Minneapolis…what better way to start my week and get my creative juices flowing. I can NOT wait to share all the details with those who couldn’t make it. And THANK YOU so very much for those who made it. Means the world to me!

Blogging Workshop

So, today being we are going to be spending the morning chatting about blogging tips, tools, plug-ins, etc. I thought I would also share a little advice on ways to make money through your blog on construction2style today.

Making money and generating an income by using your blog can be at times be overwhelming. When you are looking for a better way to monetize your website, affiliate marketing is quickly becoming the method of choice. Talented professionals are learning how to generate an income by using a focused marketing campaign that takes advantage of their blog’s followers.

I also recently did a podcast with my friend Tim Brown on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 3 Steps.”. You can listen to that HERE. 

Affiliate marketing is easy to do when you’ve taken the proper steps, so if you are looking to make money through your blog, here are 5 easy steps you can use to get started. 

Sign up for an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is easier than ever to sign up for, because of the variety of programs offered. The growth of the Internet and digital marketing has made it easy it easy for anyone to blog about their passions.

Larger affiliates like Amazon and Ebay have programs that allow you to hit the ground running. When you’ve discovered your niche market and found your groove, you can look into Multi- Level Marketing structures and alternates to the larger companies. MLM affiliate marketing is designed with the entrepreneur in mind, making it easy to easy to kick start their digital blog by equipping him or her with the MLM tools they need.

Find your niche

Focused niche blogs tend to do better because you are attracting a relevant target audience, or at least drawing people that will be interested in the same category as the product you are selling. Regardless of what product you are selling or advertising through your affiliate marketing, you need fresh and relevant content to increase your conversion rates.

These passions and the personal touch a blog provides, increases consumer trust and builds your brand. Focused or niche blog topics can help you monetize and capitalize on the small segment of your market.

Social Networking

Whether you are connecting through social networks, or to fellow bloggers, you can build your brand and blog by connecting to the social circles that matter to your blog. By connecting your brand and extending your network of users and readers, you build a real base of traffic that’s repeatable and sustainable for your budding digital marketing business.


Find what you are passionate about and use it to your advantage, because being passionate about your blog will drive your revenue. When you are passionate about your product, your readers will connect, increasing your credibility and boosting your sales.

Don’t Give Up

Affiliate marketing is easy to get started in, but to enjoy true success you need time and dedication to make your dreams come true. While blogging is time and labor intensive, the costs associated with operating a digital marketing company are relatively low. This factor is what allows the small business owners to not only survive but thrive in the digital marketing industry.

By staying persistent and working hard, you can enjoy the advantage that’s built into blogging for money.

More Blogging Tips From Me

Links for Affiliate Programs We’re Apart Of

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  2. Amazon Affiliate
  3. BlogHer
  4. Linquia
  5. Weave Made Media
  6. Massive Sway
  7. Rivit Media

Good Luck!
And if you ever need additional advice or guidance please don’t hesitate to connect with us. You can reach us directly at

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