Kayla Schulz 1

Kayla Schulz

Director, Design + Operations

Kayla joined the c2s crew at the end of 2020, starting off as a design assistant and quickly grasping the in’s and out’s of c2s as a company and helping in her new role of Director, Designs + Operations. 

She has a background in corporate Event Management including planning the logistics of 1000+ person conferences, content creation and more. She had been doing events for the last 5 years, and realized her role wasn’t challenging the creative part of her brain as much as she wanted – and that’s where c2s came into the picture. She’s always had a passion for interior design and home styling. Kayla manages our lead management system, scheduling tools, client meetings, materials tracking, mood boards, and designs…basically helping the c2s crew stay creative, organized & efficient! She’s ready to jump into all of the projects with a smile on her face.

For any general questions/inquiries on c2s, or if you’re a current client wondering where your mood board is, contact Kayla!

Sign & Enneagram

Scorpio & Three – The Achiever! 

Communication Style?

Email is my go-to for client-related work so that there is a reference point moving forward! If it’s an urgent matter, call or text is cool too.  

What’s your Design Style?

Modern, boho, with a little sprinkle of farmhouse. It also changes weekly. 

Favorite Book?

Most recently – Firefly Lane! Loved the first one and can’t wait to dive into the second. 

Favorite TV Show?

During quarantine, we binged on a ton of TV shows in our house. A few of my current favorites include: Psych, Brooklyn 99, The Wilds, Gossip Girl and of course… Bridgerton! 

Biggest lesson learned at c2s & how you overcame it? 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned thus far working for c2s is to be mindful & intentional every step of the way. Whether it’s picking out the paint colors for your kitchen cabinets, recommending a wood grain for your bathroom vanity – there’s a reason behind the way we design! I’m always challenging myself to think outside of the box with new design selections that are specific to the client’s design style, versus repeating what we’ve done before.

5 Fun Facts

  1. I am the oldest of three!
  2. My husband and I met as neighbors so I am literally the girl next door
  3. Obsessed with cold brew after only starting to drink coffee a few years ago!
  4. Love to use my design eye by creating excessive charcuterie boards for gatherings
  5. Jam to all of the Taylor Swift albums and have been to 6 of her concerts

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