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Kayla Schulz

Director, Design + Operations

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Kayla joined the c2s crew at the end of 2020, starting off as a design assistant and quickly grasping the in’s and out’s of c2s as a company and helping in her new role of Director, Designs + Operations. 

She has a background in corporate Event Management including planning the logistics of 1000+ person conferences, content creation and more. She had been doing events for the last 5 years, and realized her role wasn’t challenging the creative part of her brain as much as she wanted – and that’s where c2s came into the picture. She’s always had a passion for interior design and home styling. Kayla manages our lead management system, scheduling tools, client meetings, materials tracking, mood boards, and designs…basically helping the c2s crew stay creative, organized & efficient! She’s ready to jump into all of the projects with a smile on her face.

For any general questions/inquiries on c2s, or if you’re a current client wondering where your mood board is, contact Kayla!

What’s your Sign, Enneagram or Insights Training?

Insights Training has pegged me as “The Observer”. As an objective thinker, I take the time to investigate situations fully and work things out rationally. I think that’s where the Operations part of my role comes into play. 

Your best childhood memory? 

There are so many! A few of my favorites include: weekends at my grandparents house on the lake, visiting my dad at the restaurant & a lot of swimming activities (I was a competitive swimmer growing up through college). 

One person you’d love to have lunch with?

Reese Witherspoon. I love her energy & feel like she is a wholesome individual with big dreams and I’d love to dive into it. 

Favorite book or podcast? 


If you could travel time, when would you go? 

This is a hard one – I think maybe the 1920’s! The Roaring Twenties have always been a fascinating era for me – full of fashion & architecture. 

Favorite teacher, leader or mentor and why? 

My parents. They’ve both worked so hard to get to where they are today in such different career paths, raised a family of three kids & are still the best of friends/partners to one another. They’re the biggest role models I have! 

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