Babes, Brunch & Botox

Babes, Brunch, and Botox | construction2style

My heart is so full, and my cup is overflowing! I Invited a small group of babes over this past weekend to spring up our lives!

Ever just feel blah, and need to press the restart button again? That’s been me lately, so I invited some girlfriends over to get those creative juices flowing again. I thrive off of other people’s good energy so I knew these girls would bring the right energy that I need right now. I love each one of these humans so much. I’m all about surrounding myself with good people, and these ladies are at the top of the list. Each of us has such a cool story on how we met, and I love bringing them into one another’s lives as well. You just never know where someone might lead you; I’m a firm believer in┬áthat.

So not only did I want to get these girls together for good company but also wanted to do a couple of fun “springy” things!

Our little dudes are aging me by the day, and I swear every time I look in the mirror I have another wrinkle. I’ve been looking into botox but just hadn’t taken the leap! So I invited my girlfriend Morgan Kraut to come over to give anyone that wanted a little botox education or injection. Morgan is the best! I’ve known Morgan for a few years now and not once has she ever been pushy about using botox, but rather has kept educating me over the years and now three years later, I was ready to try it out. She is so informed too! Not everyone did botox, and for privacy reasons, we didn’t document it but a handful of us said goodbye to a few wrinkles, and all of us got educated on the process.

The other fun springy thing we did was make some DIY pots following our planter tutorial and planted some flowers and herbs. We were all so busy laughing and talking that not all of us had time to make our planters, but we all got to take them home. And a huge thank you to Fiskars for sending our babes home with some gardening goodies.

It was such a fun morning and so thankful to our girl Chelsie Lopez for capturing all the moments.






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