14 Best Galentine’s Day Ideas in 2024

Galentine's Day

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Who’s looking for fun things to do for Galentine’s Day?

It’s that time of the year and we have plenty of fun Galentine’s Day ideas!

Do you think it’s a semi-fictional holiday as well? We do too, but who doesn’t want a great excuse to spend some wonderful time with your girlfriends doing Galentine activities?

February 14 is on a Wednesday this year, and the weekend before could be a perfect time to have a party and celebrate each other with class and style! 

14 Best Galentine's Day Ideas in 2024 1

When I think of Galentine’s day, I think of that scene from Little Women.

It’s Christmas morning in the early 1860s, and all the girls gather around the table and anticipate this lovely family meal.

The table is beautifully set, and the lavishness of dish choices oozes. This meal is served once a year, and the girls are so hungry they “could eat a horse.” 

Suddenly, Marmee suggests that instead of indulging in a meal, they should pack it and bring it to a woman who lives nearby. She has five children and is barely keeping them from freezing; they all share one bed.

The sisters pause before they agree, and eventually, we watch them happily trotting to the house in the woods carrying a meal they would much rather eat on their own. They bring hope and joy to a home that had none; tears on kids’ faces are replaced with laughter only because little women cared enough and kept their ears open to the concerns and pains of others around them. 

Strong-willed, independent, and determined to pursue their dreams, these four little women have built a beautiful community of mutual encouragement, support, and love, and they are lending those to the world in times of war.

They undeniably represent this African concept called “Ubuntu,” which means, I am because you are. My life flows the way it does because of the examples and successes of others around me, and no one lives in isolation.  

And that’s why I love having girlfriends and celebrating! 

Here are a few fun things to do for Galentine’s Day to make it unique and memorable: 

1. Girls’ Brunch!  

You might be a brunch queen, and it’s your jam, or you might not have a lot of free Saturdays in your year, and brunch on its own sounds like a treat. Get all color-coordinated, dress up, do your hair and host your galentines; make a reservation at one of your favorite places, or do a quick google search for “best brunch near me” and enjoy that dining experience. 

Galentine's day

Galentine's day

2. Book a Spa

Invite your Galentines to your favorite spa and enjoy some pampering, great laughs, teas, and conversations! I had wonderful experiences at Anda Spa at Ivy Hotel and Spalon Montage in Edina.

Spalon Montage keeps their lights dim in the main waiting area. After you change into a cozy robe and leave the locker room, you get to experience the romantic atmosphere that brings peace and quiet into your heart.

I have fallen asleep every time I got my massage there. It was glorious! 

galantine's day

Let’s just say the massages and facials won’t disappoint, and you will want to come back! I can still feel those soft robes thinking back at all the beautiful moments I’ve experienced there.

galantine's day

3. Have a wine or clothing swap!

Have your Galentines bring their favorite wines or clothing they don’t wear and spend some cozy time together learning from each other, pairing your wine choices, and getting some “treasures” from your friends. 

Galentine's day

4. Enjoy a fondu night!

Make a reservation at Melting Pot or have your own cheese or chocolate fondu. My husband’s sister Morgan and her family have some wonderful fondu traditions that I have been able to tap into, and it’s such a fun way to share a meal!  

5. Host a cocktail party and learn how to make fun drinks!

It’s always easier and more enjoyable to mix drinks for a group of friends rather than just yourself. Dry orange slices, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, and anise stars, when wedded together, can serve as a fabulous bouquet for your mixed drink.

14 Best Galentine's Day Ideas in 2024 2

Galentine's Day

6. Deliver flowers or send chocolates!  

Some of your girlfriends are single and wish they weren’t on Valentine’s Day! Think about something meaningful to send them as a form of appreciation and encouragement!

Several years back, I received a beautiful box that unfolded into a framable message with pictures, and there were some hand-crafted chocolates inside.

I had a tough year in the world of dating, and one of my friends knew it. It meant the world to receive love wrapped in that box!

a galentine's day gift from my friend Lauren on Valentine's Day 

7. Charcuterie boards and wine pairings. 

I bet you have that one girlfriend who is a pro regarding cute food and willing to go above and beyond. Ask her to take the lead on your Galentine’s night and teach the rest of the group to put a  charcuterie board together.

And if you are not an expert when it comes to wine, there are a lot of books on wine pairing techniques. My go-to is Wines of the World, it helped me early on, and I’ve always gone back to it for fresh ideas! 

14 Best Galentine's Day Ideas in 2024 3

8. Make candles together! 

Look up a candle-making experience near you and sign up! Right before I had a baby, I had the privilege of joining some of my friends, and they took me on a beautiful candle-making journey

14 Best Galentine's Day Ideas in 2024 4 14 Best Galentine's Day Ideas in 2024 5

I felt like Jean-Paul Guerlain as we smelt some perfume oils and decided what we were about to pair and create. It was magical, and if you’re reading this and you know me, then you already know how much I love perfume.

9.  Take a road trip and get a hotel! 

There are so many places you haven’t seen or visited, and adventures with people you love are much more memorable and exciting! Split responsibilities: someone could get snacks, someone can drive, someone could put a playlist together, and someone can find a cute inn to stay at, and Voila, all of a sudden, you are creating memories together! 

14 Best Galentine's Day Ideas in 2024 6

10. Get your nails done! Together! 

As my sister-in-law always says, I hate sitting there doing nothing while I am getting my nails done, and most of us can agree. However, if you are there as a fun group dominating the atmosphere, your experience could be quite the opposite! 

If you want some inspiration, our gal Jen, from Paisley and Sparrow has some great ideas.


If your group of Galentines has that spunk and competitive spirit, Topgolf is the way to go. Golfer or not, it is fun for everyone, apps and drinks will be brought to your designated “bay area,” and tiered heaters will make you comfortable all year round!

12. Get tickets to a broadway show! 

Wear your heels, get dressed to the nines, and go downtown because broadway shows are always a treat, and that city’s vibe at night will elevate your experience. Growing up my grandma always had that special purse she only wore to the theater for a play, so find that pair of shoes or dress that you splurged on and head out with the girls.

Here are some great shows coming up locally in Minneapolis/St. Paul:

Mama Mia at Orpheum ( February 6-11)

Love and Other Things that Ruined My Life at Dudley Riggs Theatre ( February 15 – May 18) 

Disney On Ice at Target Center

Galentine's day

13. Gliding on ice with your favorite Galentines

If you live in the upper midwest one thing that’s in abundance is outdoor skating rinks. One in particular that won my heart is Centennial Lakes in Edina or Rice Park in St. Paul.

Both will give you a picturesque view that always makes me feel like I’m back in Europe. Also, close to each rink are plenty of great dining ideas.

galentine's day ideas ice skating at centennial lakes

14. Volunteer together! 

Serving someone else shifts your focus and changes your heart and mind is a great way to spend Galentine’s Day. Serving meals in the inner city or packing boxes to ship overseas to help people in need has so much value for our well-being.

It transforms the way we perceive the world and sees ourselves in it. Every time I go to Feed My Starving Children with my girlfriends, it transcends my mood immediately.

serving at feed my starving children with my girls

When little women returned home after blessing strangers with their breakfast, to their biggest surprise, they found a royal-looking table set for them.

Their neighbor saw what they did and decided to make sure they could also have a family meal. Their holiday season all of a sudden became rich and rewarding. 

Check on your single friends and make sure they are included/invited to partake in your festivities. To some, Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday because they are happy to be single; to others, it’s a reminder that they’re alone.

Please use these Galentine activities, to make an impact on your life and those amazing Galentine’s that deserve to be celebrated also.

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