BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 1

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BizCom 2022, our fifth annual marketing conference for all creatives, was a blast!

From food to education, drinks to conversations, breakout rooms to networking, our night was unforgettable. We got the chance to learn from some of the savviest brands, influencers, leadership coaches, and online marketing geniuses – nationwide.

And here’s a little recap of all that went on. 

some ladies at Bizcom 2022

If you’re wondering what BizCom is all about, alongside Alta Events, we started putting on these marketing conferences five years ago after one too many “can I pick your brain?” coffee dates.

A lot of these questions were all marketing related. How do you start a blog?

Who did you hire for branding, how do you charge, invoice, processes and more. We are an open book and are always happy to share any knowledge that we have.

And if we can help just one business owner not bang their head on a table for so many years like we did, it makes my heart so happy. So we started small by putting on mini-workshops in our office.

Which quickly led to putting on a larger-scale marketing conference once a year with different breakout sessions. It’s hard to put into words how powerful this night is.

The connections, our community, and the new knowledge shared and learned from all, it’s an unforgettable night. It starts with complimentary food and drinks at 4:00 and then leads into a handful of different breakout sessions and ends with a panel.

And here’s what went down this year. 

Bizcom 2022 speaker schedule

Morgan Molitor from construction2style and Frankie

A huge thanks to our girl Frankie Behr for documenting it all on our social media channels, live the night off. Sam Wiebe for capturing all the moments with all the photos on this blog.

And to our girl Chelsie Lopez for capturing and creating a recap video.

Bizcom front desk where tif and abby are handing out passes

Bizcom 2022 was catered by Brasa

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 2

Our night started with a fantastic meal thanks to Brasa’s unlimited tacos. During this time, we got the chance to network with the industry’s best.

Another huge thanks to our drink sponsor, Voyage Wealth Architects. This happy hour brought together new and old faces.

my brother Jesse Bergland from voyage wealth architects were the drink sponsor

the voyage wealth architect crew drink sponsors

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 3

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 4

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 5

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 6

Our keynote speaker for the night was Brad Leavitt of AFT Construction. We learned all about “The Best Way to Build a Following: From LinkedIn to TikTok and everything in between.

Brad is President and Founder of “A Finer Touch Construction” – a Scottsdale-based luxury residential and commercial builder. AFT Construction, as known throughout the industry, is an award-winning construction firm and has been nationally published in magazines. 

Brad Leavitt from AFT "A Finer Touch" Construction at Bizcom 2022 

Brad Leavitt from AFT "A Finer Touch" Construction at Bizcom 2022

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 7

Always so grateful for the support of my family! My brothers (below), sister – in law, and even my newest niece (who was only four days old) baby Gigi showed up for the evening.  

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 8

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 9 

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 10

Our first breakout room of the evening was with Sara Schultz. Sara is a creative director, community builder, and cheerleader of equality designing visual identities and creative strategies for brands, capturing and captivating their ideal clientele.

She chatted with our attendees on “Captivating Your Dream Client with Branding” which is necessary for any entrepreneur as they start or grow their business.  

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 11

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 12

Breakout #2 was one to remember thanks to Danielle & Michael Gutelli! The husband and wife team, owners of Clark + Aldine, design build firm, talked about “How to Turn your Blog into a Business”. 

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 13

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 14

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 15

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 16

All the way from CA, Catherine Fitzgerald was our third breakout speaker. During this session, Catherine spoke on “Bridge to Accountability: Empowering Your Team”.

In this session, we learned to discover how to develop a business that fuels your life rather than consumes it. 

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 17

Huge shoutout to our emcee of the night, Kelly from The How Gal, for kicking off the night and keeping everyone informed throughout. What’s funny is I met Kelly from going to an event the week before and she was there emcee.

In the past we never had one at BizCom, and after going to that event I realized we needed one! I walked up to her at the event and said – what are the chances you are available next Thursday. Ha!

And what a blessing because it was the only night she was in fact free. Being tenacious and just asking was one of my goals for all of 2022, and it paid off.

More about Kelly – from meager beginnings, with zero connections and with very limited business acumen, Kelly excelled at her first sales job and ended up as its #1 producer in less than 6 months.

Achieving the top spot in every organization she has been employed in eventually pointed her and her internal compass in the direction of forming her own business entity, Kelly Enterprises International.

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 18

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 19

The night concluded with a panel discussion on business growth. The panel featured Katie Kath, Jordyn DiOrio, Tyler Grace, Gregory Lasker, Mercedes Austin and was moderated by Brad Leavitt.

This was a great chance to learn from the best on how they all took their businesses to the next level and stayed grounded to the “why” along the way. 

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 20

Katie Kath from Jkath construction and brad Leavitt from AFT construction

Bizcom panel

BizCom 2022 Marketing Conference 21

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