BizCom is Back on!

BizCom is Back on! 1

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BizCom is back on for 2022! Year five of this conference, and still going strong. November 3rd, 2022 hosted in Minneapolis, MN. Who’s coming?! Early bird pricing ends this Friday, September 30th. Grab your tickets here

Wondering if this conference is for you? Are you are involved or in charge of digital marketing for your own personal brand or for another, this conference is for you. Whether you run your own business or work for another, you’ll be leaving feeling uplifted and ready to elevate your brand! Whether you struggle for your online presence, leadership training, wondering about the best new tools, apps, or how to manage your time? We got you covered! 

Join us for a unique conference to learn from industry professionals about marketing, social media, business development, and so much more. We will be at The Whim in Minneapolis on November 3rd from 4:00-8:00 PM. Some of the most savvy brands, influencers, leadership coaches, and online marketing geniuses will be flying in from all over the U.S. or from driving over here locally to answer all your questions. Check out details and grab your tickets here

Here’s a little fun from last year, which we also hosted at The Whim.

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We’re doing things a little differently from our last previous years! 

We kick our evening off with a happy hour at 4 PM. All food and drinks complimentary with your ticket sales. This is great chance to network with faces new and old while enjoying some drinks and food. We’ll be having Brasa come in with unlimited taco’s for you to enjoy! 

Then the first first hour we will have a keynote speaker for all to hear, and then breaking out into three different breakout options, where you can pick one to attend. Then, we’ll come back together again for the final panel! 

Another little twist from years prior is that this year – before the BizCom agenda begins, we’re opening an intimate, roundtable discussion event at the new Mercury Mosaics design studio down the street. This portion of the event is limited to 30 people, and you’ll get to meet with a handful speakers that will be presenting at BizCom to ask your one on one questions to before BizCom begins. 

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Keynote – 2022 | The Best Way to Build a Following with Brad Leavitt, AFT Construction

If you haven’t met Brad Leavitt, buckle up. He’s one of our favorite guys around and a wealth of knowledge. He joined us last year and everyone that tuned in was blown away by all that he shared, and we are so grateful to have him back again this year. We’ll be kicking things off at 5:00 sharp for all to listen and learn from Brad Leavitt of AFT Construction all about The Best Way to Build a Following: From LinkedIn to TikTok and everything in between.

Brad Leavitt is President and Founder of “A Finer Touch Construction” – a Scottsdale based luxury residential and commercial builder. AFT Construction, as known throughout the industry, is an award-winning construction firm and has been nationally published in magazines such as: Fine Home Building, Luxe Interiors and Design, and Professional Builder. Brad Leavitt is an energetic public speaker and ambassador for many national brands including Kohler, Pella, Subzero-Wolf, Cambria, Elkay and Post-it Notes. Brad completed a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from BYU in 2005 and worked on notable projects around Phoenix, including the Omni Montelucia in Paradise Valley.

His Podcast, “The AFT Construction Podcast”, is focused on bringing value to its listeners, no matter their industry. The topics are focused on marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, organization, building science and construction. AFT has continued to exceed industry standards and create strong client relationships based on integrity, reliability and quality. Brad is married to Ashley Leavitt. Together, they have 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy. Brad is active with all 6 of his children, serves in his local community, and loves all sports.

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One of our break out speaker’s for 2022 is Husband and wife team, owners of Clark + Aldine, design build firm, are talking about How to Turn your Blog into a Business! And they’re flying in from Michigan! Another favorite couple, and friends of ours.

Their collective chemistry was discovered and nurtured by updating each of the 7 apartments they lived in over the 10 years they spent together in Chicago. A move to Michigan, and nearly 5 years later, their passion and design influence continued to grow, pushing them to leave their established careers behind in pursuit of building Clark + Aldine.

Currently Danielle serves as Director of Design and Content Strategy, while Michael is Director of Operations and oversees all building. They currently reside in and operate the Clark + Aldine Studio and Warehouse spaces in Downtown Plymouth, MI with their two boys and dog, Niko.

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In break-out two you will discover how to develop a business that fuels your life rather than consumes it. Catherine Fitzgerald will be coming in all the way from CA to teach on leadership training. Morgan and Jamie from construction2style can speak to this as she’s been their business coach this year and has elevated their brand.

Fostering a Bridge to Accountability means letting go of the Doing and developing the Doers. If your team owns your brand standard and can take accountability for solving problems, you no longer need to spend your time in the minutiae of the business. Imagine having the freedom to think, create, and innovate without anxiety about the details being completed to your standards.

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The night will conclude with a panel discussion on business growth, featuring Katie Kath, Jordyn DiOrio, Tyler Grace & Gregory Lasker. These speakers are entrepreneurs with years of experience and have a passion to help others grow their business. Learn how to elevate your brand through SEO, social media, and more! 

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And our final breakout will be chatting about … Captivating Your Dream Client with Branding with Sara Schultz. Who actually heads up all of our branding here at construction2style. Sara Schultz is a creative director, community builder, and cheerleader of equality designing visual identities and creative strategies for brands, capturing and captivating their ideal clientele. Through her brand agency, Free Afternoon™, Sara and her team have a love for sharing brand stories. Whether creating impactful content for social media or developing a brand’s identity, storytelling is a central point in the process. Her personal website, Hey Sara Schultz, provides educational resources for the budding entrepreneur giving them the confidence to build a brand that fully represents them.

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And then we’ll be ending the night with a great panel discussion of five talking about business growth, featuring featuring Katie Kath, Jordyn DiOrio, Tyler Grace, Gregory Lasker, and Mercedes Austin, moderated by Brad Leavitt. You can find all their bios and more details on the event website, HERE.

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We hope to see you on November 3rd! More info and tickets here.


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